Emotion with Devotion

Emotion with Devotion
July 23, 2015
What can you do for me? I want yesss people around me who know how to say no, and communicate! Why should I want people around me, or in your case, people who are going to add nothing but take up time and amuse you? I know what I can do for anyone that will add to their lives. Do you know what you can do for most anyone? Reciprocity is giving to each other and with higher degrees of love within you as the giver and receiver, then a rarified air of consciousness is created that is devotional in quality.
Devotion is the greatest form of love. If love is the flower then devotion is the fragrance. It has nothing to do with the material. Devotion can’t be bought or caught hold of. You can see it, feel it, smell it, sense it but you can’t catch hold of it. Devotion is beyond trust. It is a deep burning spirit that burns like a fire that becomes a choice-less choice were you are connected by a divine euphoric energy. It is  an experience beyond words.
In a sense, devotion is to be drunk. Drunk on the emotion of devotion. It is not something the mind can set out to do,   but a deep chemical, spiritual surrendering that happens of its own accord where your mind is taken over by the deepest clearest love possible. Devotion is the path of love where you give to someone who returns the love without an agenda of the mind. Strangely, many types of animals have shown devotion to each other, and yet humans are too busy, and subject themselves to making a low quality love work to keep some reason for vows that have been handed down through the centuries in holy books. 
Love that’s real, always remains within for anyone you have spent time with in love, reciprocated or not. One in love always remains in that space through all circumstances, and is always willing to give as much as possible no matter how circumstances have changed, or how many you have energized the love within with. Devotion is always with emotion of the heart, and being such that you never really know even why it’s there, but it just is. Devotion has its own strange ways apart from rational, logical, or something that can be mentally explained to you. Closeness becomes so close that you know the other is always in you and you in them. In a sense, thoughts about yourself have become secondary. Devotion is a never ending bliss and joy of love within. Arhata~

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