Suck-a-Butts*L-) loser

July 20, 2015
Politicians set a blood sucking, vamping example for the positive growth of a country, in this case the USA. Spinning truth to get in a position of entitlement for power and money is just below criminal. People in this country, with few exceptions, are asleep with complacency and ‘acedia’. Same ole, same ole while inventions and technology are moving at laser speed as the masses are stuck centuries behind ignoring the new invention of the conscious woman and man. ‘Zombies on patrol’ to protect their self perceptions and desires to have this and that, and more and more. 
Time to STOP, AND REBOOT for a new dimension that transcends the old violent, hateful, complacent, unhealthy, and acceptance of dogma from endless generations that have suffered needlessly, particularly because of lack of good, unattached to information for personal and social growth.
At the moment of this writing, the old line politicians of the Republican political party are getting kicked in the pants by a non politician who sees that we as a nation are floundering in apathy, particularly led by politicians who are looking out for themselves masquerading as leaders of their people for fear of losing their ‘web of deception over the people’, and their potential power with money. Donald Trump is a very successful and rich businessman who has contributed  millions to these ‘collective politicians’ who are stuck in some ‘never world’ that advances the people who they serve at the pace of a snail while the ‘outside’ is constantly both  reinventing itself and warring at the same time rushing to an apocalypse that threatens our millions of years of incredibly slow evolution of the human condition. And, here we are at the most astounding time on earth to individually and collectively evolve like never before!
Trump, like him or not, is a ‘shit disturber’ who upsets the ‘self gratification’ of the status quo of all politicians. It’s years past the time to put our foot down and stop electing people who continually making it a ‘Dumocracy or a Dum-&-Crazy’ society on and on and on. It’s wake up time, and time to see yourself as an innovator of your highest consciousness, while to getting off your butt to contribute something to the world. Everything starts with small steps … do it forward and not on the easy, complaining chair of life with a beer and remote. Take your human elevator up to the top of heartfelt consciousness! 
Real life is remote to the average person who ignores the evolving inner self for the goodies that can be had, and basic survival. Politicians are drone musicians who play the violin to keep all asleep so they can fiddle away. It’s you who keep these critters who should serve you without pay. Suck-a-butts disappear when you pull up your pants and clear your head to see what’s really going on. As Trump says on his Celebrity Apprentice show, ‘YOU’RE
FIRED’! Without saying it outright, he’s saying to all the politicians in Washington, ‘Your ALL Fired’. Time to reboot …and that means YOU too! Fire away! Start with finding the love within! Put it all on your ‘bucket list’! Arhata~

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