Enlightening Lover

Enlightening Lover
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 July 10, 2015
The key to a ‘superconscious relationship’ is a strong leading partner. Strong does not mean successful at making money, popular, intellectually smart, good looking, handy, spiritual, etc. Relationships at this moment in the world, especially in the so called advanced societies, are sub parr for the opportunities available to assist in smoothing the path to a deeper self love as well as a love of another. Partnering, allegedly for life, is really the same ole, same ole ones once they get past the honeymoon stage. 
Recently in the news was the story of a couple in San Diego who died in each others arms after 75 years of marriage! Had to be a bonding of love! Unfortunately, length of time rarely has anything to do with deep quality of love, but from duty and fear of being alone. In reality, it seems difficult for men and women to be friends. Passions often turn to hate, or an arrangement that serves economics and apathy. People reduce each other to a ‘thing’ like a piece of land with unawareness and unconsciousness.  A promise for your whole life to be ‘celibate’ with one person is more than all but the rare is suited for. The religion salesmen, by whatever name they go by, have invented this arrangement in that it benefits them in  keeping their flock imprisoned with guilt and duty to the church, not to mention ‘job protection’.
Certainly, an endless connection is possible if a couple uses the connection as a spiritual path with mutual agreements, communication, creativity, and the openness to be free at the same time. Serial relationships done with those qualities can clearly be a very positive and natural way to be too. Lovers don’t deceive each other but lovingly look out for one another regardless of living together ’til death do you part’. Love is the most powerful force in the world, particularly between two people, and that certainly doesn’t have to be only two people!
The truly wise, have learned the art of loving and need to be free to offer their blessings to as many people as they can with always being in tune with those they have experienced mutual love with in the past. Most bounce through life with no plan of the heart, dodging this problem and that one primarily because of having selected priorities that have little to do with the spiritual depth of love for themselves and another. Love doesn’t need ‘contracts’, but a deep sense of compassion and responsibility for those whose hearts you have opened. 
You cannot receive happiness until you let go of the pain. We are all equal and on the same level. Through love and communication the secrets to deep love are opened by your divine given key to the opening of life’s treasures within.


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