Religion is Incestuous

Religion is Incestuous
June 29, 2015
Religions have value, but….Religions are still being created by man and his ego for control. Most groups, organizations or whatever you want to call them become incestuous, turning into something that was not intended but was usually for a good intentions. Religion today is needed, but for those who need a shelter from the chaos and confusion who know no where to turn.
Most religions are ‘recruitment machines’ for the head of it to survive and hopefully live comfortable. When you go to a restaurant that is regarded as one of the ‘best’ with gourmet food, all it takes is a frequent dish served to be a ‘stomach churner’ so as to spoil the good food, and the whole quality reputation goes down.
Same with any organization, company, political ideology, or religion where everything needs to be ‘cherry picked’ for the good leftovers. Not a good offering! Religions get so trapped in their innumerable sects or denominations that they  become inbred with particular agendas that keep the facade going while ignoring the ills of society and condemning all who don’t see their narrow, myopic viewpoint. Religions coexisting together in tandem could at least demonstrate against the trillions spent on war and violence redirecting money spent into education, healthcare, and general welfare for all,  but all but the blind can see that doesn’t happen.
As a teenager, I began noticing and looking into what I saw as unchecked hypocrisy in local churches. Within my family, were a couple of pastors, one fairly well respected in town who confided in me about intimate goings on within the church. I pestered him with question after question about workings of his church and churches in general, and since have always continued questioning endlessly religions, politics, and all functions that are suppose to serve humanity. 
Politicians collectively rush to war, religion followers follow in step, often by their non questioning, to encourage ‘supporting our troops’ without acknowledging that they make little difference other than supporting the political system to meddle in war endlessly. Both are asleep at the wheel of ‘evolving humanity’, instead of encouraging monies to fix the most important things in the world…our people infrastructure or supporting the wellness of all people. 
There is no religion that comes close to the love within as well as the deep love with another. None! Meditation is  the fruit of letting go of all attachment including the self of who you think you are, the attachment to any religion, and even to love! My personal experience is that love will be there WITHOUT any attachment! Love is prayer and prayer is love! Love of who is no longer with you will always be felt! Love is infectuous! 

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