Question Truth

Question Truth
July 3, 2015
Are you ready to hear the truth, or just ready to hear your own limited perceptions? To be oblivious to what’s beyond what your perception is, is to dance on the fringes of illusion. What you see, cognize, feel, or intuit may or may not be what is! Everyone falls for their perceptions, particularly those not examined. Assuming based on past experience, belief, faith, thinking you know, is walking on thin ice. Better know how to swim when the ice was shallower than you thought!
With the advent of the internet, for all it’s advantages, one of the disadvantages is particularly when you’re typing to someone on the screen that you have little or no idea who they are, what’s going on in their life, in fact what their life is all about. People often become oblivious to knowing who they are communicating with, and sometimes even unconsciously attacking their own perceptions of what they think they see the other person as. Picture yourself spending a half hour in a dark prearranged room as one of two strangers to meet to communicate without touching. You have nothing but a voice. No history of their life. No idea what they look like, what they do for a living, or even if you find out, if they are telling you the truth! Life  presents situations like this.
The answers why people are the way they are lies in what experiences they had as a child. Just today, after 30 years of knowing someone very well, but always experiencing an invisible armor of protection around her that sometimes resulted in ‘sharp, uncomfortable responses’,  an unexpected breakthrough! Most in conversation with her, censor thoughts that would result in an unsettling reaction from her. So most don’t tread where she would react. Today, for the first time, she spent half an hour talking about traumas in her childhood which she never would before. The curtains came down and sharing the ‘truth’ was good for her, and now I can have compassion with understanding.
Always be letting go, turning negatives into positives and saying yes to all life including the ‘no’ which needs questioning for the truth that creates a greater harmony. Awareness has to be the answer always! Stay alert every moment to see reality.
    A young man came to a Zen Master to learn about meditation. The Zen Master said, ‘’Are you capable of waiting?’’
 The young man, of course, asked ‘’How long?’’
    The Zen Master said, ‘’That is enough for me to reject you. To ask ‘how long’ means you are not ready to wait. If you can simply wait without asking ‘how long’ then you are capable of waiting.’’
     The young man understood the point. He bowed down and remained with the Master.
The truth of all questions of who you really are is within, where no questions are necessary but to wait and be alert in the empty mind and full heart.

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