Profanity is Godly

 Profanity is Godly
July 6, 2015
Profanity is not loving yourself! Being uncomfortable with who you perceive yourself as being is ‘counter life’, and profane to your real self. Profanity is initiating personal judgment on another for whatever reason. There is no profanity possible from the loving heart, even when words are said that are judged as profanity otherwise known as cursing or swearing to some who come from the mind of ‘duality’ that makes things either good or bad, in particular when words are transmitted. Always, a persons intent should be honored, and even questioning the personal name calling as perhaps a momentary spike in communication that may or may not have been appropriate. 
Why judge words that if accepted with awareness and non judgment would just be sounds that emanate from someone for whatever reason, and chances are it’s for a good reason to them. Then again, it might be a perfect opportunity to consider the source, or even question what in you might have triggered them. Why do they trigger negativity in you? It’s a great opportunity to look deeply at why you’re trying to tell someone else what they can say or not. Freeing the mind and heart is a positive direction for everyone. Love lives best in  freedom. 
The greatest profanity is to abuse yourself, even blaming others as you become a ‘thought slave’. You are a free soul that imprisons yourself within negative judgments of others and  yourself. Take back who you really are, or likely you’ve never seen the real loving you, drop the charade and mask to begin seeing who’s been hiding waiting for recognition. 
There is no profanity when you let go of you the jailer, and begin opening the heart and mind to seeing and feeling love. Verbal profanity is a part of life, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes challenging. Use profanity when you take responsibility for it in a loving way. Accept profanity with the best discernment of the highest response. Complaining about another’s use of unsettling words is better dealt with as just a persons technique to make points. Have compassion for those who are free enough to use any words they may want to use. 
One of the best meditations to clear the mind, especially for those who have too many judgments and trigger points is a ‘gibberish meditation’. For 45 minutes, with eyes closed and relaxed, begin talking in a language that has no meaning and you make up. For those who have issues about either saying certain words which you deem offensive by either coming from you or used by others verbally or written, include those words several times a minute. After 45 minutes, stand, sit, or lie down and just be the watcher of what comes up. Do this several times per week for a month. Profanity from you or from another will have a more positive quality. Give yourself the freedom of expression with no barriers in a state of awareness.

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