June 16, 2015
There are over 400 billion stars in the Milky Way! You don’t even want to know how many ‘milky ways’ there are! Where do you fit in? The world today is controlled by technology in the minds and hands of the ‘moneyed elite’ and the politicians controlling the ‘industrial military complex’ to further the agendas of conquer and control like never before with the masses in ‘cruise control’ while window shopping through life. There is a failure to communicate for the good of the evolvement of humanity from both sides. 
Humanity seem oblivious that we have entered the most razors edge critical moment of life continuing on earth. In a way it’s like the story of the squirrel who plays away its days in the fall while the others are squirreling away nuts and acorns for the oncoming winter for survival. Human kind is on the brink of destruction and extinction while most all are living in an imaginary state of ‘sleepopolis’. Critical thinking is dumbed down by chasing life’s fairy tales of the centuries past coupled with spiraling distractions that consume the minds awareness of uncontrolled, mindless use of technological devices. Those manipulators can be simple hand held communication phones to military innovations of  every conceivable kind that is being used to eliminate those who don’t follow the ‘world order agenda’. Opposition from the person in the street is obliterated in favor of busy self serving distractions. 
World War 3 is, and has been underway for the last few years! The war is spiraling technology controlling the critical, creative thinking, and constructive action of the masses to do their individual and collective part in creating the new human being. Humans in general are ‘being’, not being ‘human beings’ as all they can be in rising consciousness and ensuing action. Being human to day is to make a difference by giving back for the blessing of being alive at this incredible time in history. 
Politicians, religion salesmen, and your own lack of open minded, creative expression of doing all you can to wipe the attachment to the negatives out of your past and present, while living from awareness, love, and discernment in all you do is likely falling ‘flat’. Stop the wars within, and make peace within as you focus on making it a better world. You may be living on no more than a spec in the universe, but your ignored universe within as well as on the outer makes it a tragedy for the blessing of life. Look toward the positive, and avoid devaluing your life, as well as this wonderful opportunity you have. 
I have known a middle age, born of privilege, once successful guy who claims himself to be enlightened inspite of his many unresolved personal issues. His answer, inspite of being very capable of helping others raise their consciousness, is that there is ‘nothing to do’, and that’s exactly what he does day in and day out! Throughout history their have been a few of these types who because of the way things were socially, could really add little or nothing to the world even if they wanted to. Now is the time where everyone needs to rise up in this world of unparalleled opportunity, especially those who have more to offer.
You can be a star unto yourself, and especially to the lightness in the scheme of life. Follow no one else’s words but your open giving heart! Time to wake up from the ‘dream walk’ and push the envelope of life and love!

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