Save God

Save God!
June 21, 2015
It’s blasphemous to anthropomorphize God, and close your mind to see beyond what you do. The word ‘god’ has been bantered about and expunged from it’s real meaning. Really, no one can adequately describe with accepted accuracy what ‘god’ is, but for those who know not what they claim. Giving god human form is for the children, and lost or ill people needing a simplification to understand, and have some meaning that they can believe in. Adults with a developed, healthy brain/mind, no longer need to cling to a term used to grok a concept of ‘life giving’ that no one can clearly define. To be closer to love or god energy, you have to let go, and open your heart.
Believing in God is an individual happening as is the interpretation that likely has little to do with reality, but a ‘fantasy’ of a mental construct which, for some in their ‘needing of solace’ and state of mind can be better than having no comfort. Make no mistake, it has a power, but mainly from activating an energy within, and apart from the ‘word’. The word ‘god’ can certainly be a trigger of hope, questions, and answers. However, there is a difference between love as a  word, even as a momentary energy, as well as a love that borrows deep within the soul as a light that is carried within. 
Talking about love, especially from a fleeting experience is like a candle in a dark gymnasium. Something, but never enough. Likewise, opening the heart to more and more energy of unobstructed love is like going to the light control box of the gymnasium, and switching on the flood lights.  
There are infinite names for ‘god’ including the spelling, such as ‘Gawd’. Different religions and different languages combined with infinite interpretations, leave people all over the place with infinite levels and meanings of love and god, mostly ‘in the mind’. In the US, there are over 1/2 million religion salesmen, most trained on how to bring in new recruits to be saved, and yet support their needs. There are none who teach love for a career, which would be like being a prostitute for love. Teaching love or god can never be done truthfully with a motive of making money.
Love is more important initially than the word for ‘god’, to experience as deeply as one can. To see and feel anything not resembling an imagination of god, you first need love of self, and more accurately, an unconditional, eternal love within. That cannot come with unresolved childhood issues that continue to add more and deeper issues when not resolved. To plant the ‘seeds’ of love, you need clear, fertile ground and nurturing. The seeds of love and the undefinable god are within each.  It’s time to clear the weeds and impediments. Reality of the positive and divine is a far greater blessing than ‘believing’, while being short changing yourself in the love department.
Can’t love another deeply? Then it’s time to open your being with a dedication to meditation which can act to eventually clear the path for love to blossom. 
The ‘force of love or god’ is suffering from misinterpretation, ignoring, and ‘mentalizing’. Save love! Find it, feel it in your heart every moment. Then this mystery we call god, can be experienced as the spirit of energy that is best not  anthropomorphized into ‘our father’, for it is always within you!

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