Tallywacker Goddess

Tallywacker Goddess*8-> day dreaming
 June 22, 2015
God is leaving us to be replaced by a unique upgraded version called a ‘Goddess’, or more balanced, a ‘tallywacker goddess’! The earth has had enough of ‘tallywacker’ testosterone rage to fuel hell for eternity. Time for a change! Time for the rise of the balancing of the male and female energy into a compatibility that manifests a new millennium of peace and love. Warmanship is outdated and serves no purpose with the continuing inventions of technology that unfortunately are often the weapons of mass destruction that will change life to the point that even the ‘roaches’ will have a challenge to continue life on the planet. 
Man has created continual personal and collective narcissistic rage to the point of destroying himself! The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have beaten the drums long enough for their viewpoint to the point of ‘anthropomorphizing’ a god that they fail to grasp anyway. Watching the behavior of just about everyone, you’d think they expect to be here forever when in fact ‘age seems to be in a rush’ that waits for no one to ‘wake up, smell the roses, and do something for life and the planet in return for the privilege of hanging out  here unexpectedly.
‘Crossing over’ has historically meant dying. Why not ‘crossing over’ now into the light of awareness and compassion? It’s time to drop the nonsense of chasing desires and ‘pop  dreams’ that give illusionary hope to the procrastinator who is so deep into the rut of never changing yesterdays ‘foibles’ that dumb them down from the possible individual evolutionary process that is the godly thing to open up to.
Humans have made graven images of ‘God’ that have little or nothing to do with the reality of the meaning of god. Turn your eyes and positive feelings inward and see that there is an energy within you that evokes godlike qualities. Dust off the accumulation of denial and self acceptance of who you are not. Why discriminate against who you really are as the highest expression of animal that exists instead of being an experiment gone wacko! Time is running out! See time as love instead to keep you in the embraces of the divine. 
Have the sensitivity of the highest consciousness of male and female. When people merge with deep love they become one, meaning their spirits and minds are of one, and yet they are loving humans separately. Be beyond the duality, and yet open to it’s merging unconditionally be it through mediation or love with another. 

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