Mind Abortion!

Mind Abortion!
 June 5, 2015
The mind is ‘live’ with all that’s in it, including festering garbage and negative memories that color your presence with yourself and others in the same way. To ‘abort’ is to take out what doesn’t work, or is not wanted. You are your identification with your earliest experiences negative or positive, or mostly some combination thereof. What you carry in your mind no matter how deeply hidden is the shadow behind your light. A false light as a coverup always has a dark shadow hidden in accompaniment.  
The vast majority, to one degree or the other, lead their lives followed by a past that contains ‘unwashed, imprinted memories’ that are attached to the way they see and interact with all of life,  even in physical appearance. As much as it’s not coming from the light in judging others by how they look one way or the other, certain appearances are the result of unresolved pasts. A look of inner happiness might be a genuine reflection of the inner happiness, but on the other hand, the ‘happiness’ physical look could very well be a coverup of the hurts and fears inside. 
I have a member of the family who is a hundred pounds over weight. Surely there  is a story in her background which is likely hurtful, but she hasn’t let go of it. Anyone getting to know her behind her physical, and psychological protections would see a Miss America or love incarnate, but afraid to come out. Those who judge her as a non person also need to ‘abort’ their judgments about her, for they only make it more difficult for her shinning to come out. 
The human mind needs to be enveloped in love to best reflect who you are. You are perfect for what came before, meaning what and who you are makes sense for the amount of love that has been in your life, or the lack of it. What isn’t can be! Clinging to angers, fears, and all negatives accumulated from the earliest moments even before birth, is tantamount to a slow suicide of you in the form of many illnesses or negative choices. 
The mind is a ‘live in house’. Why not make it a home decorated with the best qualities of life and love both for your enjoyment and for people who visit your mind with theirs. Minds visiting minds that are clear means that hearts filled with love can visit and give love to the less fortunate, share love with anyone, and ‘beam up love energy with the one that can give a receive reciprocal love. Give birth to the best within you! Arhata~


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