Floats Your Boat

Floats Your Boat
Dharma Saraswati's photo.

June 10, 2015

Consciousness weighs nothing! Lack of consciousness can weigh you down! Lack of consciousness can be a heavy weight on your mind, emotions, and spirit. The spirit loves to be free as the birds in the sky, or the boat on the calm seas. ‘Whatever floats your boat’ is a popular saying often meaning whatever ‘soothes your soul or whatever works best for you’ and feels right’. 
A ‘hole in your boat’ will necessitate a lot of work to bail out what will eventually sink your boat. The hole needs to be fixed, and not by patchwork that hides the weakness to leak again when the pressure pops it. Likewise, most of you have holes that require adequate attention to make your life a happy, loving, productive one.  Likely those ‘weak spots’ were damage that incurred in childhood, and left unattended have affected most aspects of your attitude toward life, and the experience of love. 
One key part of life that suffers because you’ve chosen to travel on without ‘repair’ is your experience of love.  Oxytocin, which goes by the name of ‘love hormone’, cuddle chemical, molecule of kindness, and another affectionate  term that implies something about bonding and connecting is in full working order when there are no holes or unresolved issues impairing its full experience. 
To move through your days with the greatest of ease and harmony including all that you encounter as being a place to set your sights on, even if it’s being an outcast from those you know. As you reposition your inner self, you reposition all connections human and  otherwise to be in a position to buoy your flight in self control or automatic superconscious flexible control. Have a thing going on with who you are as a soul, and not just a body and mind with the wounds of time. 
It takes the real ‘you’ to reach the higher planes of existence. Accept that frustration with meaningless materialism, conformity and all limitations are what weighs you down, or puts a ‘hole’ in your floating above the fray. The journey into your soul can be an exhilarating trip to inner enlightenment. Change your inner weather from same ‘ol, same ol to cool blue skies and starry nights. As you climb give back love to others, as automatically it will add fuel to not only their journey, but yours. Forgive all that caused you to struggle in life, and as you fly higher, no longer will it be necessary to  forgive, but intend transcend all situations into opportunities for greater self realization. Love and freedom are unlimited. 

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