Mask of the Liberal

Mask of the Liberal
June 12, 2015
Who is an ‘illiberal’?
A ‘conservative arts education’ is not available in our Universities possibly because it’s an ‘oxymoron’! The world exists as you perceive it.  The minds of humans are as varied as the billions of stars and planets in the sky, however more alike on the other hand than unique and different. Most people are at survival mentality and controlled by rigid cultures ideologies, and belief systems. The names may differ of these ideologies or belief systems, but the levels of thinking remain more alike than not. 
Moving through life, especially in these new times where the world is ‘flat’, and filled with technologies to allow communication through pictures and words of actions like never before, the pieces seem to coalesce into an overview of how consciousness or lack of it fits into a narrow spectrum of human identities. People in the majority think and lead lives that are closely related to how humans lived for millenniums. 
In the USA, there seems to be two divisions or categories, conservative or liberal, each having somewhat of a disdain for the other. Neither is easy to identify as there is a great area of ‘gray’ between one and the other. As time has  passed, I’ve begun to see that people are far more conservative than not. Conservatives tend to follow ideologies, customs, and cultural mores, or in other words that which is safe and not controversial. Liberals tend to be more questioning of those characteristics. 
Involved in the newer ‘art of free speech’, I am always alert for responses and  reactions of the public with my ‘thought provoking written words’ among the masses. Having spent innumerable hours over the years studying towns and cities for open acceptance of being able to say anything, I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that all towns and cities, with the exception of varying pockets of people, are conservative in outlook. The few more liberal ones really being ‘left wing conservative’, or a word I like to use, ‘illiberal’. No towns in America are what I would call, ‘liberal’. ‘Stuffy liberal’ is not the same as someone who pushes the limits of characteristics as tolerance, empathy, compassion, acceptance of the unusual, experimentation, non materialistic-ism, non identification with political and religion systems, and a general openness and creative thinking with action. 
There are no ‘liberals’ but only those who refer to themselves as such, or are identified as one by others. It’s greater wisdom to identify (or not even) yourself as having no ‘label’, but free to be in the moment, and be always an evolving being who realizes we are all ‘one’ but for choices to think we are attached to this identity, or that other one. Consciousness is energy that flows to the highest possibilities at all times.

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