Mountain Parachuting with Skiis

Mountain Parachuting with Skiis
June 11, 2015
No risk, no pain! Until we get out of our heads we are but smoldering occupants of a body destined to ‘burn out’ into the coldness of a wasted life. ‘Risky business’ is often a male macho debacle that proves idiots with egos thrive among us with little common sense beyond the physical so called ‘breakthroughs’ that are more likely to result in real physical breaks than anything. 
Man, and that’ means ’men’, are often living in anger and fears that they seem to deal with by being either warlike or socially unacceptable in behaviors, and that includes harboring the ‘seven deadly sin’ as modus operandi.  It’s time that you and everyone gives up the ‘outer achievements’ that amount to nothing but ego gratification, while adding to no one’s blessings in life and consciousness. Human chasing of the outer with little reflection and improvement upon the inner nature has become obsolete.
Risky business is needed to convert to what can be done to climb the inner mountains out of the ‘garbage dumps’ that only accumulate with more of its likeness year after year. Spiritual macho is of course an oxymoron but taken in its  positive sense, is to use your focus of energy to do wonders with your virtually unused assets that are buried within everyone but for discovering, and fed for growth.  
Love is not an achievement, but a realization of that being your inner divineness! How is your compassion and empathy for those that are less ‘blessed’ than you, rather than your ‘judgment’? Being ‘ridiculous’ in turning aspects of your life in a whole new direction may be necessary to open the inner elements of you to far greater heights. Be bold, and not in fear to approach people, and all aspects of your life from a more ‘intimate’ perspective for the betterment of both yourself and whomever you meet on the path. 
Reaching ‘inward’ by ‘parachuting’ down from the mountaintop of your mind to an open heart of ‘in-to-me-I-see’ (intimacy) takes more courage than all but a few have done. I once knew a former Marine who spent a couple tours in the Vietnam war. He was teaching ‘fire walking on hot coals’ at my Center in Venice Beach as an exercise in ‘mind over matter’. His name was ‘Bear’ to signify his toughness. He admitted to me that as brave as he was, he had a great fear of total closeness with any other being!
Take a risk with love. What may feel like failure is really your heart opening. Learn to meditate alone to prepare the heart and mind for flying high in the skies of bliss and joy which is your given right, but for rising up to where the air is rarified love.


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