Avoid Negative Wackadoodles

Avoid Negative Wackadoodles
June 6, 2015
Use love and skillful means with negative people. Getting too close to a rosebush with it’s thorns will cause bleeding. Appreciate the rose from afar, and only get close for the fragrance and appreciation. Seek to be around people with little or no thorns. Of course, be honest with yourself, are you close to being the most positive person you’ve met? If not, what’s holding you back? Everyone is guaranteed one last breath. The functional reason to be alive regardless of your condition is ‘breathing’. Apart from that people have the ability to go from total inner negativity to as positive as imaginable. 
It’s hard to see the rose thorns in the dark, much like people who either look nice in the light but cast a dark shadow. All but a few carry around the luggage of untouched casualties of their passing life. Like a new rose looking wonderful but overnight loses it’s appeal, many walk through life with a nice veneer, but one that melts away to expose the negative, trading places always with what was appealing with what’s not appealing. 
Be happy with negative people or the average person who often is on the cusp of activating their anger. Be aware,  and transformation happens spontaneously. Drop  judgment of good or bad and just watch. Sometimes the anger coming from you are someone else’s negativity vampiring your nervous system where you feel the heat within you. A great moment to just watch the energy move.
Close your eyes and meditate on it, like you’re watching a storm with lightening and electricity where you can just marvel at it. Do the same inside yourself. Clouds or disturbances are there for the lightening to happen as they are in your inner sky. Don’t fear the sensations but watch them without judgment. Awareness is an in-going phenomenon, it always goes inwards: the less aware you are, the more out you are; unconscious – you are completely out of your mind.
Understand not to be caught up in the negative emotions be they anger, fear, jealousy, or whatever. Love comes by itself, and not as a positive achievement. When the negative disappears, the love overcomes the inner sky. You take a bath to clean the body. Meditation and/or opening the heart cleans the window to the real self. Be demanding upon yourself to cut out the negative both within and without. The world changes as you and we change! Back in the ’70’s Mayor Koch of NYC demanded that dog walkers use pooper scoopers. Soon it became part of out everyday habit. The world collectively can evolve overnight starting with you and another, and another, and just by saying ‘yes’ to the positive, and handling the negativity with awareness and compassion. Give life and love your best shot – fire away! Arhata~

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