Contraption of Love

Contraption of Love
June 2, 2015
Love is always a ‘new construction’! When a strong wind of hurricane significance comes, the poorly constructed buildings that once looked pretty will suffer great damage, often unrepairable. A partnership built on trust, communication, transparency and deep love will always bear all circumstances, and leave a deep imprint for throughout life. A house of love built on sand, or one that becomes a ‘dump’ is never a home, but at best ‘a contraption of yesterday’s love’. 
When Buddha was dying, his last utterance in this world was, ‘APPO DEEPO BHAVA’ — ‘Be a light unto yourself.’ Don’t follow anybody. Anand was crying, weeping because Buddha was leaving the body and he said to Buddha,’You are leaving and I have not yet become enlightened. What about me? What will happen to me? The world will be absolutely dark for me — you were the light. And now you are going. Have compassion on us.’ Buddha opened his eyes and said, ‘APPO DEEPO BHAVA. Jesus surely would have said the same thing in his own way. When touched  by love, it is the ‘transmission of the lamp’, and the lamp is forever lit regardless of doubts in the dark nights of the soul.
Knowing yourself is to love yourself. Love is living life in harmony with that love. A house must be best built in harmony with each piece, the land, the impeding climate of weather, etc. To be alone is never alone when love of self is present. It’s important to be ‘alone’ to let go of those things that make love of self a contraption that falls apart all the time seeking foolish repairs from substance abuse, self doubts, and criticisms as well as any abuse to the outer of inner self. Nothing can hold down  anyone focused on the path of love. Why spend life patching something that doesn’t work with consistency?
The ‘litter box’ of life is to struggle with the mind and emotions while on no path of reflection and evolution of your being. Life has it pains and rains, they are softened by the light of the ‘sun of consciousness’. To win in life is to love even if alone. Loneliness is the lack of love that creates the hurts, pains, fears, disappointments and all that would sweeten life that needs to be avoided, or converted to opportunities that bring light. Let go of the fear to detach from the life that follows you as a dark shadow and clouds of rain. You may be the first in your family with the greatest opportunity for millions of years to wake up now, and fill yourself with love after emptying the attachment to all negative. 
I mentioned to someone today that those who’ve had many negative experiences, and can overcome them, will be the brightest light in helping others. Love your enemies, and they are within!  ‘APPO DEEPO BHAVA’! Arhata~


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