Meditation to Kill

Meditation to Kill
May 29, 2015
To be a ‘spiritual warrior’ is to declare war on the enemy! The real enemy is within! Efforts and techniques to kill the enemy within are available to all be they senior citizens, gang members, chronic juvenile offenders, police officers, corporate executives, house wives, emotionally disturbed children, anyone. One totally unexpected group are the Green Berets.
Since the mid ’80’s, American Special Forces like the Green Berets have undergone extensive ‘training’ through the Japanese art of ‘Aikido’, which is the way of unifying ‘life energy’ or the’ way of the harmonious spirit’. Aikido is the art of defending yourself while protecting your attacker without hurting them. It’s been called ‘Rambo mind control’. Meditation is a key aspect of Aikido. 
Many are ‘put off’ by the words, ‘meditation or meditating’, so other words may best serve what is happening. Softening one’s mind or eating the attachment to mind’s negative memories, or watching with ‘no mind’ might suffice too, or just awareness can infer meditating. The methods of meditating for everyone may vary from different types of  yoga, breathing meditations, laughing or gibberish mediations,  and anything that breathes in ‘angel dust to the mind’ to clear it into ‘no mind’. 
The mind’s negativity deserves to be recognized as an enemy to peacefulness, self love, compassion and all qualities of the sensitive spectrum. Life is but a dream in a way, and certainly need not be a nightmare  if at all possible. The mind is the abuser both of yourself and others. Meditation is the art of disappearing from attachments that are impediments to your joys. Fears for example (excluding the practical ones) can be ingrained into you for life. Meditation is like a ‘tattoo remover’ if the choice is made. 
Killing the weeds in the garden allows the flowers or vegetables to grow, and reach their potential. Meditating clears the mind to see the kaleidoscope of inner marvels that often hide behind clinging enemies of negatives that will always darken the color of life’s experiences. 
There is an old saying or koan, the ninth century Buddhist master Lin Chi is supposed to have said, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” It makes a valuable point: to turn the Buddha into a religious fetish is to miss the essence of what he taught.
Meditating is like the oxymoron, humanitarian war.  Psychological negatives of the past are like ‘demons’, and can be exorcised by the techniques of meditation. To kill or not to kill is a choice those setting on the path of the ‘spiritual warrior’ will make a choice-less choice.  Arhata~

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