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You Are Not ..
May 27, 2015
You are not a Machine, machine, machine!  The outer you that you lug around year after year is not the same as the inner you of divine consciousness. Often I hear that the younger generation today is becoming anti social and consuming their time with the new ever changing technologies of cell phones and texting to never ending video games. There was a time since the beginning of history that children spent hours playing outside. No longer are those long hours of finding infinite ways to explore outside activities for the majority of kids happening. The concern is that ‘emotional development’ in particular will suffer.
However, the problem of substituting inner spiritual, social, friendly developments has been ingrained in adults forever, and increasing with the advent of ever growing and changing technological developments. People are collectively becoming frozen with little inner growth of who they really are. The irony is that at no time in history has it been a better time to evolve the spirit, and find ways to participate in the evolvement of society that is being continually ‘boxed’ into mainly functioning tax payers and sheeple to be controlled for the benefits of the few. 
A switch needs to be activated inside the collective individuals to redefine  themselves rather than let those forces on the outside program this vulnerability yet denial that nothing needs to be changed. People are allowing themselves to be robots, even if they are nice people robots. The days of being monetarily successful with a beautiful house or two, and a couple cars, plus world traveling vacations are now eclipsed by the opportunities and need to shift into superconscious beings.
It’s a process of unshelling the exterior, surface selves to get to the ‘core self’, and living out in the world from there. Our lives need to be recrafted. The times of sidestepping are gone in favor of more important healing of inner work and a self discovery process. Doing this protects us in the new technological world just like it does by warnings against inflation, self delusions, or being naively seized by the mesmerizing powers of the outer world. 
You are not a non growing adult in regards to the inner qualities that best define you as a developed loving human. Letting go of attachments to the unessential outer is essential to a more healthy, balanced, compassionate, and loving human being who can be dedicated to encourage others by example to rise to those states. Let go of the fear of dropping the old attitudes and attachments. Have the courage to face the old wounds and neglects much like a  ‘warrior’ lets nothing stop him from objectives. Be a spiritual warrior open to being vulnerable to being a warrior of moving into a deep love.  Love is better than addictions to technology, and is the answer to being a light unto yourself and the  world. We have enough machines.  Arhata~

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