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Download Dufuss & Upload
May 25, 2015
You mind is like a toilet, and you need to clear it, or it tends to plug up! Let go and surrender ALL the negative thoughts that have become embedded in your ‘think tank’ that downloads to your heart, plugging it too! Emotional and mental attachments that serve no purpose but to color your everyday activities, particularly the ‘personal’ one, need to be flushed out! The ‘small self’, or the one that’s hampered by negative thoughts needs to be worked on to let go in order to see the compressed hidden big real self inside the real you!
The ‘small self’ is a dedicated spectator and contributor to all that ails you, and follows you like a ‘contrary shadow’ day and night. The small self is the personality that needs to be unloaded before the real upload to conscious starts.  Nothing is what is seems. Unplug the ego, and listen to your heart. The ‘small self’ is relentless and will fight and obstruct inner joy to the bitter end keeping one endlessly stuck resisting the experience of sustainable love. 
The Self (aka, veiled Love), however, sits in the bleachers waiting patiently for the ‘obstacle-hurdling’ event to end.   
There is a moment in your life when your troubled consciousness wants to be free. The wrong way to look for answers of ‘how to’ is to seek the quick and easy way by submitting to ‘Big Pharma’ and a pill that is suppose to heal  everything. Sacrifice the ‘little self’ to seek that hidden inside or the ‘real you’. Chances are good that love doesn’t work the way you’d like it to. It’s not easy snapping your fingers, and expect love to work. Most have ‘work’ to do before that, and it can be fun to be committed like a ‘love warrior’ to challenge the status quo of self doubts and inner pain by welling up the courage to commit to rise to the mountain top of rarified love air. 
There comes a day when you may not be able to shake the stranger of love, if you don’t stop here and now to focus like your life depends on it to take a positive road with every thought you have, without ignoring the challenges. The art of love and closeness separates the tough from the loving. Kill the liabilities inside and make way for the pearls of love. Vi Cit Tecum is Latin for “May The Force Be With You’’, and that force is the softness of the ‘small you’ to let the self be open to the ‘big you’. The path to love is a ‘sacred path’ that is your purpose in life. Drop your guards, relax and find joy in the great softener of love in meditation. Love has deep breaths. The secret is in the techniques of watching your breath in the stillness of dark silence.

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