Monkey Syndrome

Monkey Syndrome
 May 24, 2015
Monkey see, monkey do! Running on a treadmill in life, going no where but in the ‘material world’ is ‘safety for the stupid’! Following the crowd is to be like a lemming running mindlessly into the sea as a suicide. Routine’s create a rut that the monkey mind finds strangely comfortable even with the psychological burdens that raise their head to hint that it’s ‘time for a change’, and that doesn’t mean a new job or residence. Going through life accepting emotional and mental damages you have incurred in childhood, and those that continue to occur because of those, is insane. It could be called ‘masochism’, or getting some kind of repetitive absurd pain without realizing that is ‘self induced’. 
Driving a car that breaks down at a moments notice, or performs erratically is how most live their lives keeping too busy covering up the pain while blaming others, being obsessive compulsive about any number of behaviors, working endlessly, being entitled that the world owes you a living because you think you deserve it, or infinite other obstructions to a healthy life. Being ‘trapped’ in a spinning wheel that’s going no where is cause for examining why you have the gift of life after billions or zillions of years, and you’re not doing that remarkable opportunity to ‘fine tune you’.  
The house you live in is on your shoulders, and you owe it to life to ‘shoulder the responsibility’ of perfecting the art of cleaning the ‘garage out’ that is in your head and turning it into a home. A home that where ever you go and whatever happens – there you are! Always be at home with the love inside. Life isn’t about riding along as a psychedelic butterfly either, where everything is chaotic depending on the love and gift of strangers, or waiting for the ‘silver spoon’ reward from passing parents. 
Whoring through life is to think you need to be paid for the privilege on plopping out here after zillions of years. Even ‘monkeys’ have more self importance to not do that! The lights of the world are on for EVERYONE to check out of the ‘monkey syndrome’ of eating, shitting, and sleeping while in between fighting within yourself, and anyone who accepts any ‘victim play’ in your year in and year out routine. 
You can feel the same way as any superconscious being on the planet has. Unload who you think you are, and in the detachment you’ll see forever with no inner obstacles. Be free, and be who you really are deep inside where more of your qualities are being kept under lock and key. You are the locksmith to the blessings and harmony of love. Always take a walk out of your head and into your heart! Check out the treasures there! 

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