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 I’m Enlightened*:-O surprise
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May 23, 2015
To say you are enlightened, or to even think it, is a sure sign of mistaken identity! It’s unwise to think your IQ, eidetic memory, meditation obsession, bible thumping, know it all, make you ‘enlightened’. The word ‘enlightened’ has been used by so called mystics, masters and spiritual gurus, especially from India as spiritual clothing to ‘hook’ the seeker to listen to their wisdom and knowledge in hopes that they too can reach this height. Until you see it as ‘spiritual bullshit’ and at the same time necessary to stop the seeker so to attempt to pass the candle on so they may find their way to ‘self love’. 
Always roll down the tinted window to see clearly around you and inside you. Being ready for love, and to be completely open to giving it at all times is what makes the new woman and man of today. I prefer to use the term, ‘lovelightened’ to be in the so called ‘superconsciousness’ that most can exhibit when they are in state of pure irrevocable, deep lovingness with another where there is no separation of consciousness between both. When you lovingly carry the spirit of another as part of your self love, a type of nirvana has been reached. 
The ‘enlightened’ I’ve encountered have all been failures at close love with another, as well as carrying the unresolved burdens of emotional covered up (?) challenges from youth. Perhaps they have a need, like those who need monetary success, to fulfill their  personal esteem to convince themselves, false though it is, that they have achieved the ultimate state while inside knowing that there is an emptiness of love, and love of their inner self. Seems to me that if you’re ‘enlightened’ you ought to be able to have an ‘enlightened togetherness’ with someone that is as harmonious as possible.
The world knows no end to ‘hotdogging’ the spiritual self, and as much as those who think life owes them for success in their endeavors. Just to be ‘ordinary’ and in the heart, is a wonder enough, and need not be touted as a peacock in strut or heat. The spirit is delicate as is to be ‘spiritual’ when fine tuned. An enlightening demonstration or manner has many possible manifestations having nothing to do an ego declaration of being enlightened. 
No one becomes enlightened, there is only being in enlightenment or the experience of being in the light or lightness of being. Enlightenment means becoming fully conscious or aware. That light can be ascertained and demonstrated in an uncompromisable love. The waves of that love are eternal, and become part of your every breath. 

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