Spiritual Inner Lunatic

Spiritual Inner Lunatic
May 19, 2015
Funky Wunkie! Do you belong to someone else? Better to show up and knock at your own door! Rainbows and butterflies should be part of your life! Instead, do you ricochet from one state of mind and heart to another? Does your life mean nothing at all? Success is internal with the outer as expendable ‘fluff’.  Tomorrow is today, and there is no hiding in the shadows of yesterdays. Excuse is just a word, and excuses are just holding on to what’s not here and now today! Give up on anything not making sense, and if it doesn’t make sense, time to take a break and go inside. There’s a pool of undisturbed love hidden there.
Whatever you just believe without ‘knowing’, needs your undivided microscopic attention and examination, or just opening your heart and paying attention to common sense. Love is a seducer, and many rush in to its ‘beck and call’ to only splash in disarray for those who think the heart has a rational mind. Painting your old house by just buying some paint and a brush is a recipe for disaster as is love with what most have to offer to themselves first. 
The heart, as well as the mind, can be a looney lunatic in matters that only fools rush into. It’s akin to playing the stock  market based on a book for ‘Dummies’. Even a four leaf clover will be no substitute for a few  years of preparation and experience, albeit a good mentor can lessen the pains that will come. 
On the other hand, it’s good to be able to get away from the mind, and being a conscious lunatic laughing, playing, doing crazy things, and all with an awareness of discernment that gives ‘soul’ to the mathematical mind and/or closed heart. Nothing really matters especially if you don’t mind if it’s mind over matter! Seriousness is a disease that ferments on itself to close the doors on finding the happiness and joy that is always waiting in the shadows. 
Be realistic, call in the love and positivity that you can give to another, and at the same time receive with no fears of the closeness and depth of love.  Be a ‘game changer’, and see yourself as you know is possible, and be that! The world, its institutions, religions, politics, media, and well, everywhere, is far too serious to be taken seriously. Be part of letting go of all the centuries old habits of hatred, greed, anger, acedia, and everything that reflects a lack of love and compassion. Be the real new world order of consciousness! 

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