In & Out Love
May 7, 2015
Love in today’s world is like the changing Spring weather – blink and you’ll see everything has changed. Rain one minute, sun the next, followed by cold and snow flurries, and day followed by night year around. Spring love is as fickle as the erratic hummingbird as is most love for the self or anyone else. Love today is mistaken for ‘habit’ and comfort in a way of life that is filled with the many undeveloped qualities of love.  Arhata~
Love is fickle for you because all ‘the marbles’ are not in order! They have to be in order for love to fill you up, and stay with you.  It works in case someone else is a ‘fickle love’ that flickers in love with ongoing negative reactions, or wanders off on leaving you holding the memories. Blindness to loves light is the dark night of the soul, but can be retrieved from its hiding in the shadows if you are intent in turning your flashlight on to see what lingers in you that obstructs a full on flood of life’s number one blessing – more and more sparkling love. Love has never disappeared, but the real you has if your not getting the full rays of the sunshine of love.
Everything you need without all the love that you have waiting in the love bank is there for the taking. The key to love  is within you. You are ‘love’s locksmith’, even for another to fully participate in the love journey, you need to unlock your heart. Love in it’s deep sense is the discerning attraction that pulls in more love by your vibration. Find the love zone, for everyone has it!
Staying in the mind with a flickering heart is a recipe for a shallow, incomplete life. No one knows when the lights are ready to turn off for this life. Time to quit sitting on life’s couch eating bon-bons, and watching while avoiding active participation. Love is fluid, needing positive movement. Love experienced is a credit for more love indefinitely. Say goodbye to the ‘in and out’ of emotions that lead to negative frustrations. Just read where we will be able to send a spacecraft to Mars instead of the 150 to 300 days in recent years, soon in just 39 days! With meditation and a concerted focus, imagine what you can accomplish in the inner you starting right here and now? An in 39 days or less there can be a positive difference!  Your ‘’Mars’’ is inside you, only for you to uncover and see that there is love and life there! No more ‘swinging door love’ when you open to the realization of love being in the air, and is the air. Just breath deeper and let the heart open the light to the way.


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