G A W D !
May 21, 2015
Do you believe in Gawd? I’ll be gawd damn! Is everyone really an atheist? What you ‘believe in’ you are still missing. No one can define ‘god’, but can only attempt to agree with the pablum given out by the religion salesmen that it is a he, or father in the sky. Well that definition was for people who couldn’t visualize what they can’t see, so a word to simplify things was picked. There are hundreds of names that cover this invisible ‘whatever’ that continues having a hard time evolving ‘it’s’ children in ‘its’ image. Nothing sacred about the word ‘god’ that’s used in the English language to identify the invisible all knowing.
Scientist’s would identify something more descriptive of this ‘gawd’ by looking at what seems to work best in life. They would look at the position of the planets in harmony with others, and seemingly forever. They would look at how the seasons are always coming around. They would look at the timely tides. The would look at plant life that grows best in different environments.. They would look at deep love between couples, and even the connection between mother and child. What seems to be the invisible element that keeps things in balance for maximum results? Let’s not use the ‘broad terms’ of love or god. In everything that works there is a ‘harmony’, or they are ‘harmoniously  positioned’ to each other. Lots of 3 to 5 letter words could be used to shorten that including god, love or allah. Harmonious positioning or some other use of words is more descriptive. 
The programming in the English language to use the word ‘god’ is so deeply ingrained, that few can separate the word from its so called, ‘patented’ use with no questioning. Whether we use a new personal name, or an old one to describe something, it opens up a new viewpoint of perception. In the early 2000’s I gave  away spiritual names at Venice Beach, where I did my large free speech display, that I had researched from the ancient Sanskrit and gave them to people open to wanting a name with a different spiritual meaning. The names were an opportunity to begin to see themselves differently in the sense of defining who they were becoming rather than a given name often attached to a particular religion, or a family name that slowly created a false identity of who they really were comfortable with. Each name had a deep spiritual meaning that gave them a different perspective of who they were, and of course did the same for those who experienced hearing the new identification. Actually, the ‘black culture’ in America have taken to unusual names that are very creative, and apart from the mass use of typical names.
Be in your heart. Be aware. Be discerning. There is a god or gawd. There is no god or gawd. Both are lies. Too much of love, and sharing it is never enough. Enjoy, and don’t forget to laugh, life is here to support all these things! When you vibrate from love, the Universe opens up to you ~ that’s the secret ~ that’s the real revolution of consciousness that is now happening. A shift from ego consciousness to soul consciousness facilitated by surrendering to love and your part in a loving plan by quite simply saying YES to your self, and not being controlled by fear.

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