Velocity of Love

Velocity of Love
May 21, 2015
Love affects your DNA! We are all imprinted at birth by who are parents were, and even going back many generations. We are imprinted by what happened during the mother’s pregnancy, including what she ate, drank, or generally imbibed. The list of possible ‘imprinting factors’ having an influence in where you came from, and continuing possibly at this moment are infinite. What imprints have we within us, will we pass them on through the birth of another, or to someone or many in the moment and future? Who you are at each moment could be a force within you or for someone else good or bad or the unknown. 
Velocity is the rate of change of the displacement, the difference between the final and initial position of an object. Velocity is equivalent to a specification of its speed and direction of motion, e.g. 60 mph to the north. Love has a velocity with differing intensities of energy in the varying makeup of people. Love or its opposites drives reaction and response to the elements of life that are encountered. Love is part of the immune system. The weakness of love’s presence is like a car that loses its energy to move at all speeds. The mind is not love even though it is influenced by  it, and is lacking the energy that love can ingest into it.   
Just as a vehicle needs the power to effortlessly move up the hills, you have  challenges where the amount of unimpeded love that runs through you can aid or not the challenges that life brings. You need to question, question, question to find answers about who you are buried under the rubble of self criticism and self hatred to find the pool of love energy that is virtually untouched due to your self recriminations. If you’re worried about why your life is always blocked by hurts and pains, it’s time to clear the path to open the flow and velocity of love energy. 
Forgetfulness is encouraged by everyday distractions to maintain a life of the ego, and needs to be reversed or rebooted to your original innocence. Where you are going with how things have been when just taking the time and focus to pay attention to your windshield of life that just needs a good cleaning. You can help change the world, but first your inner world needs to have a constant velocity flow of love energy. Answers are not just going to fall from the sky! You need to fly a plane up high to see everything and find the feeling that it’s you who needs to take the elevator down to the heart and unplug the stopped up heart to fill the mind with compassion and empathy as well as all love’s pearls. The starting gate is open …now! 

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