Bass Ackwards

Bass Ackwards
May 15, 2015
Just a few years ago, people got married to have children. Today it’s not uncommon for couples to have kids first, perhaps to use the boy as the ring bearer and the girl as the flower girl!  The legal system is very structured, but in the wrong way. It is so structured that it actually hurts the very person it should try to help: the little guy. That is backasswards. Bass Ackwards is so completely and utterly the opposite of what should be that trying to think or explain it creates a mental paradox. 
In America, and in fact the whole world, many, many are living in a technological disneyland that consumes people to the point of ignoring their own inner development into a world of love and giving to others. Ideally, we would begin a more technologically advanced world with cultures that nurtured the inner evolvement of it’s citizens. Instead, most are thrown into an ancient religion that is ass backwards for the modern times while not encouraging its constituents to seek wisdom from many sources for fear of losing their members. Life teaches an imprisonment of the mind and spirit instead of the importance of freedom, and searching all positive sources.  
We fight wars for peace while denying that it has a lot to do with supporting the economics of corporations involved in the ‘military industrial complex’. Is it not like having sex for virginity?! Schools teach all kinds of mental knowledge while ignoring education on love, death, and all the elements of emotions even though the mind with out developed emotions is like a ship  steered by a drunkard. Putting the cart before the horse is not likely to create desired results. 
Teaching parenting skills along with self loving techniques should be a requirement as most parents often don’t have the loving skills taught from their parents, and those from their parents, ad infinitum. Unconcern with inner personal development is never going to help keeping up with the spiraling developments in technology. We are more obsessed with abortion being legal or illegal than being concerned with having kids being raised by parents who instead are ill equipped to raise the new conscious humanity that can handle the technology, or spiritual growth information from techniques such as yoga, meditation and the ‘arts of loving’ each, and others especially for the one’s who could become parents. 
Are you guilty of ignoring evolving into higher consciousness while declaring yourself innocent? Lack of personal, inner qualities is being guilty of not respecting the gift of life at this moment. It time here and now to get the priorities in order putting the inner ahead of the outer, and not bass ackwards!

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