Snoozin’ Nincompoops

Snoozin’ Nincompoops
April 28, 2015
Asleep through life means you have to be unaware to believe the dreams that you are controlled by! The ‘American Dream’ is a fantasy to keep you thinking you are in control of your life when in reality you have let yourself be controlled by the ‘perks’ that keep being invented keeping you occupied from the real you who is capable of ‘critical thinking’, and is informed of all that is important to be informed about starting with ‘who you really are’, and all the beliefs that are sugar coated to keep you sucking the lies. That is the ‘pacifier’ to keep you asleep, but awake enough to make money to pay those who control you from the shadows.
To divert a little, one other aspect of sleep that controls your peaceful, joys in life is ‘sleep deprivation’. Sleep for many is a personal problem that affects everything from moods to health, and certainly the quality of many things you do. What’s that mean? More and more people can not sleep like a baby. Your hours are interrupted by tossing and turning,  little noises disturb you, you have nightmares frequently, worries, pains, and when you start your new day fresh, you’re exhausted. In other words, your days are controlled by everything from fears, anger, grief, anxiety, self doubts, and everything I’ve missed!
You are a ‘shrapnel being’ who has not let go of past fears, angers, hurts, misperceptions, and general lack of love starting very early on and building on more because you can’t see what you should have, and that’s overflowing love within you for yourself and others, especially those who are receptive to receive. You give your inner to those who either have similar but different ‘shrapnel pasts’ that have not been cleared, or you throw out your inner troubles to block the few who have little or none, and ending up thinking they are the problem when, IT’S YOU! ALL THOSE THINGS that you don’t like that happen in your head are really caused by you harboring past impediments that will eventually come out as illnesses or shortness of life. 
Life includes both highs and lows. How they vibrate in you depends on either how clear your life is or the opposite. Every time you push something away, it remains there. They pile under the rug gets very big. Your lows show you where you have work to do.
‘’You’ll see that a lot of your emotional suffering is created by your models of how you think the universe should be and your inability to allow it to be as it is.’’ – Ram Dass
Meditations are used to heal and raise consciousness past bad memories of experiences that cling to your everyday being and outlook. Don’t overlook their use as a supplement to a positive approach to whatever meets you in life. Meditations open the mind-heart, and at the same time, if necessary, chip away at the attached emotions that if they were not attached to, your view and experience of life situations would be more like someone who experiences consistent love, joy, bliss and positivity where low’s become passing opportunities to rise above them. You don’t have time to meditate? Time is love, take time!

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