Kissing Ass Rocks?

Kissing Ass Rocks?
 May 5, 2015
‘Kissing ass’ is a spin on two of the most important spiritual words in dealing with the world that begs for more maximum harmony. Those two words are,  ‘skillful means’. Humans are too quick to ‘piss’ on someone while ignoring some kind of rational diplomacy or meeting of the minds. ‘Yes people’ are going too far for a healthy exchange, but on the other hand those with poor social skills create unnecessary confrontation that masks what a gentle, thoughtful communication could achieve. 
‘Kissing ass’ certainly can be disingenuous. In it’s negative sense, and how it’s generally meant, is to fake it or butter up someone for a favor especially in a greedy fashion to eliminate others from receiving some benefit. It’s really ‘cold manipulation’ of another’s emotions. Many unfortunately are ‘clueless’ when it come to social skills of recognizing manipulation.
People are not always that good at recognizing their own shortcomings in the social skill, integrity department. ‘Kissing ass’ in the negative sense is lying at the expense of the one given to, and perhaps others affected. It can be sucking up or currying for a favor, or just going to any length for a desired outcome. The path to a more spiritual being requires a collage of behaviors that add up to a greater awareness of both the inner and outer world.
In the post 2000 world with much communication behind a screen or just ‘texting’, social skills of empathy and compassion are more and more ignored with misinterpretation being rampant. Emotions are spun into an artificial place or are more ‘vacant’. Face to face interactions of getting to know who we are talking to cannot be replaced by technology without losing a genuineness.
Communication to be authentic requires no obstacles be they inner fears, ignorance, censorship for whatever reason, or in today’s world, losing the touch of humanness through technological devices. Learning the art of communication is a by product of ‘spiritual, conscious, evolving’ growth. Tuning in to another’s frame of reference is best when one is of clear mind and heart looking to merge with another in dialog rather than the ego of confrontation. Communication at its peak happens wordlessly, and not in the struggle through misconceptions. Having to learn how to communicate through another’s barriers of understanding might be like stepping cautiously through a potential blowup of a mine field. Skillful means that avoids being disingenuous is to use the spiritual qualities of empathy and compassion. Time to ‘kiss communication’! 

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