Bible Thumper Sex

Bible Thumper Sex
May 8, 2015
All mutual sex is good! If it hurts someone other than those in the act of coital romance it can have consequences that are unfavorable. Sex to superconsciousness is a method to elevate the consciousness above and beyond what the normal enjoyer of sex sees and feels. Sex to superconsciousness is what’s called ‘tantric sex’ in some circles. The word tantric isn’t important or needs to be used. It’s about a couple so in tune with each other that the act of sex vibrates where all motion stops and both minds come to a godlike state that rivets beyond all mind of who both are, actually changing the spiritual DNA code into a mysterious space beyond description.
My first experience was with a teenage ‘bible thumper’, that was out of this world, and so fascinating and enjoyable that it reverberated in us, clearing the mind and heart to expose a deep enduring love. She was a serious christian and moderate bible thumper, while my moniker according to her pastor father was ‘the most Christian in the church’. He seemed serious, but I wonder if he had all the facts!? In any case, some spirit, that ‘bible thumpers’ would call the devil (turn that word around, and it’s what I experienced), changed our consciousness. 
Both of us reached a higher state of consciousness, each finding love to be our permanent religion instead of the  holy  book, or I should say we absorbed the positivity of the holy book, and intuitively cherry picked the peaks of what we thought we needed to read before. Love became a prayer, or an affirmation of the positive physically and spiritually. 
Many, it seems, get stuck in the temporal pleasure, sometimes at the expense of the other. One that stays on the physical level, with different degrees of manifesting on the emotional level, but degrees that still don’t erase attachment to the hurts and pains of prior years that need to be cleared of attachment to reach the greater heights of the ‘love experience’ are falling short of the heights that await. ‘Bible thumpers’ and/or those with attachments to beliefs and/or wounds of the past, coagulate love’s experience indefinitely. 
As time went on, I found myself with a partner in a seeming partnership with a godlike experience even beyond that first wonderful experience, and took superconsciousness to a place of ‘no mind’ with an internal transformation, and transcending the ‘karmic’ spaces of life into an awareness that takes over. All mind transforms into a state of a knowing, and inner blissfulness that guides every moment challenging, or not, into something that automatically looks for the most appropriate and/or best alternative for all of life. Love naturally becomes a compensating phenomenon for challenges.
Love can become a meditation, and like any meditating, when it becomes a meditative formless state, it changes one’s inner chemistry of being to make you into the new man or woman beyond the struggling, burdensome, and violent past of humanity. Meditation alone or in coupling is the NECESSARY rarified air to elevate the world into a conscious godlike experience. Arhata~

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