Letting go of ”Stoned”

Letting Go of ‘Stoned’

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April 23, 2015

Your inner life likely was ‘set in stone’ by the time you reached adulthood. As you reached some point in early adult hood, the ‘cake is baked’ so to speak. Your inner future will either deteriorate, grow, or remain somewhere in-between. The choice is yours, and not making any choice is also yours. You see from where you are with whatever love you have inside you! Feeling unhappy with the love that’s been your experience in childhood may motivate you to use all the available resources to distance yourself from the attachment to that unhappiness, or you may do nothing in which case your ‘less than you’d like perspective’ will continue to pile on adversity regardless of the benefits that come from time to time.
Those blessed with an open heart and a sound background can choose to build the inner qualities on that to create the new man or woman of consciousness or you can by pass that giving more attention to those qualities and experience reasonable survival without peak internal living. Those who choose to live a life where they are ‘stoned’ in growth from early adulthood, still always can choose to expand their being. Those who have inner challenges to overcome, and don’t, will have greater personal obstacles because of paths along the way that they choose. 
It reminds me of a very attractive, insightful, spiritually inclined female that I was involved with several years ago. When we met, she had been through several years of many kinds of therapy to heal the parental damage she suffered from. However, the healing was a blessing in progress but was not deep yet to the point  where she could see life through eyes that were not attached to past damages of a young girls soul. I on the other hand, carried no prior childhood damages. Her damages displayed in her as insecurities, and lack of trust. Her projections of how she saw everything still were partially blocked from things that happened years before. Her imagination to something that happened to her while we were together, were trapped in a learned mistrust that still lingered. Rather than communicating with an open heart, and mind to discover how lack of trust was imaginary, she left before the answer she was seeking would have arisen, although it did seem missing for a short while after she left. 
Recently, we had a very miracle, brief encounter, where I was able to tell her what she had misjudged, creating heartache for both of us. It still had remained as a block of trust in her, but she was able to open her heart and mind to see the missing piece and realizing that not letting go of past trauma had sadly created unnecessary future and ongoing ‘difficulties’.
Nothing is ‘set in stone’ although where we arrive at in our closeness and depth of self love is eternally an angel of a direction toward bliss, joy, and a deeper understanding of all that arises.

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