Waves of Love

Waves of Love
April 11, 2015
As you close your eyes for the last time, your journey into divine love begins with a new breath. There is no end and the beginning is always present in the moment. Love follows you, and has been your silent partner forever even at times when you couldn’t feel, see, think, smell or sense it. Love is always there especially vibrant in the dimensions beyond this one. You never run from love, for love is within and part of every breath to the beyond. 
There will be a rainbow in the hearts of love when you become the rainbow! The joke of missing you, will not be upon you, for you will see what we cannot! You will rule the world like you never could imagine. The universe will be yours! Those you want to connect with will be at your beck and call. Your imagination can be your guide through the halls of life in a surreal dimension. 
Life and love are washed in the waves of godliness, as they are done by the few in  this life. Life is filled with choices and no choices. To know the difference is to walk up to the heights of another dimension that comes to meet you and make existence more filled with bliss. Here now, let the mind and heart be washed by the waves of letting go. It is your choice to keep the boulders that necessitate the flow of love to divert its path. Let the waves of light wash clear your  paths to the vicissitudes of life. Why wait for the heavens of the universe to come calling since you are here now to experience life in the physical realm. Wake ‘you’ up to see the hidden beauties that are in plain site but for your being too busy and distracted to see them.  
Love is stronger as strong as death! Love erases all but the sensitivities of your life. We all sometime lose one who was loved. They were each an infant with the smile of innocence. A child who played with others hide and seek, innocent to what life has coming. You were a child of the universe that through unwanted interferences perhaps became like the eclipse of the moon with much of the light of the moon covered as your love within got shaded by life’s trials and distractions. Love will be again like the shining full moon laying its light stretched over the still waters.
It’s time to be free, here and now, of all but love and the positives of this amazing life. Then it’s always a celebration! You are a gift of the universe that will never disappear! 

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