In & Out

In & Out
April 10, 2015
Not just a burger chain in California, but right there with the secret of life! The world runs on the fuel of ‘in and out’! If you don’t think so, take the air you breathe. If the ‘in and out’ doesn’t work after a very short time, you’re gone from your parents ‘in and out’ love affair to being in the world, and then ‘out’ of it, at least in the physical form! The pulsing of life is part of keeping it life. The tides come in and out, seasons, night and day, everywhere you experience life is an ‘in and out’ process.
In trouble, then with luck, out of trouble! In a hurry to be out somewhere or with someone. Even money and ‘in’vestments with interest that are either income for a good out come, or a gloomy outcome. Insurance is outsourcing protection. Another of many examples is out sourcing to manufacture in other countries insuring better income. 
Intelligence creates better outcomes in life. To experience love with another be ‘in love’, although I might add ‘falling in love’  often later turns to involuntary emotional insanity for the outcome. Rise in love! When you are into someone you go ‘out’ with, the outcome is to be in love. 
Giving is to give out from ‘in’ your heart. To receive from someone giving out of their heart is to appreciate from within your heart. Taking is to be without being in your heart. Life is a measurement of how much you are in your heart and in your awareness to see an outcome of inner peace and joy. The gifts of live and  love are deep within. Life’s hurts remain inside, but in the outer inside that is shielded from the deep godliness within. All your life needs to be focused on kicking out all your unresolved issues, and that may require outside help but not without you working on the inside!
Be with yourself by yourself. Until that happens, you are a puppet of the inner demons you lug around from day to day. There are enough liabilities in life to have to face them with reasons that are harbored within that equate to stresses exacerbating physical illnesses and life’s dilemmas catching us all  at times by surprise. The greatest sport can be played by you at it’s peak. That sport is bringing in the most positive influences possible while releasing the attachment to those that are in conflict with those. 
To be incomplete within means negative things are taking up space that can be emptied. To be empty of attached to negatives allows the growth of consciousness that nurtures a blissfulness and joy inside and out. You ‘in your love’ will extend out to others who are vulnerable to receiving your light!

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