God’s Greed

God’s Greed
 April 13, 2015
The ‘new god’ is the man of means with focus on all that’s hocus locus as their locus in life! Is giving from the heart like ‘krptonite’ to those blessed with the means to give? Are most of the various levels of the rich in a trance like most of the people who they could assist but they are like ‘krptonite’ to them? There is no real difference between the ‘have’s and the ‘have nots’ in many, many ways. In fact, the ‘have’s’ are in la-la land eating their money away in restaurants where the ‘kobe beef filet mignon from Japan is $400.00 a pound! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is in restaurants served by the ‘workers who live in lower accommodations or ‘worker’s ghettos’ with little access to the gated communities that are really like ‘pre cemeteries’ for wealthy zombies. 
Me, me, me is the religion of most all who have more money than they know what to do with, our better yet take the time to help those who are genuinely focused on making a difference in the world, yet living on the dole or just scraping by. Money is the ‘pacifier’ of the rich who fear dying and losing all their investments that they’d rather not leave to grown children who they deem worthless of handouts. The root of all injustice and oppression has always been the same – the  dehumanization of the other.
The average American has only a small glimpse of these people, many who live in several places year around where ever the best golfing is or boating in their yachts. Do they give a crap about making it a better, more equitable world?
They are vampires who don’t look in the mirror of life and love except for how they look before going on a spending frenzy. There are 16,000 golf courses in America. One in a gated community in the South on the Atlantic charges $800 for a round of golf for non members! Member have to pay more per year than  10’s of millions make per year in the US.
This is the land of milk and honey? It’s the land of 2% milk for the common person, while honey and money for those that spent their lives sucking money thinking life would be better and longer in the ‘gold years’. Not all the mega rich are the only rich, the bulk of them are in the upper 3% of access to money, but they too are addicted to serving themselves, and not giving a crap about helping those needy or the ones making a difference in the world, but with very little means.
Houses worth over $50,000,000 number in the thousands, but sit like tombs most of the year as the mega rich fly to other places in their planes, oblivious to the fact that they are acting like entitled zombies who think the world owes them more than they have. There is a trap door to life that opens up any moment for all equally. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more empathy and compassion among all levels of the rich to be a lot more metaphysical and learn the art of giving since they have learned the non art of taking? It’s time to ‘think’, live simply, and give where it helps someone help the world. The trap door to the unknown is in the moment, are you? WE have mastered the act of killing, now it’s time to master the art of giving! We are the faces of all who have come before us!

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