Grasshopper Mind

Grasshopper Mind
April 9, 2015
The common mind jumps all over the place becoming its own worst enemy! The restless mind can’t sit still, always running into mischief while going nowhere. Lots of noise, but very little consistency. The ‘roller coaster’ mind can’t make up its mind if its going the right way or if the right way is really the wrong way in disguise. The up and down journey of the mind either drives the emotions to do the same, or maybe sometimes the emotions drive the brain. In any case, a lot of weeds, oil spills, and general chaos pollute the clear heart and mind. 
Uneducation is necessary in the letting go of what clouds the real ‘you’. People are like oil out of the ground, pretty useless unless something is done with it. The oil is filled with impediments to being of any use but to sit, or spill into the ocean waters and killing marine life. To fuel the sophisticated world, like automobiles it must go through a process of refinement, that’s where the word ‘refinery’ comes from. The mind is like crude oil. Until it is refined, especially along with an open heart, it is at a barbaric stage as a significant state of the world is to varying degrees. 
I knew a girl from a privileged family in the middle East. Her name was Enikshi,  meaning one who has eyes like a deer. Unfortunately for her, as well as those who came too close, she always ran into and from conflict, and conflict that she initiated and created often with another who had their own inner conflict. Actually, it didn’t matter whether the other person had difficult qualities to be close to, she created emotional, mental havoc wherever she went, and always because of her beauty, someone was always easily found, and put into her enchanting spell with illusions of happiness! However, the mind and heart couldn’t sit still like a grasshopper moving from feeling to feeling, and running like a dear afraid of anything too close. 
What we grew up with mentally and emotionally is life a ‘tattoo’ that is permanent even as you age. Today, tattoo’s can be removed, just as permanent ‘child through adult’ blocks to self love can, opening the ability to calm down to attract a deep and ‘meaningful’ love becomes possible as the ‘impediments’ are broken down, and refined into an energy that can drive a love to the heights and smoothness of a conscious being capable of eternal bliss. 


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