Root of Stuck Love

Roots of ‘Stuck Love’
March 22, 2015
Getting to the root of the problem is to see what, why and how something started, then escalated to a problem. With the case in most lives, it’s getting to the roots of why ‘love or your life doesn’t work as it should’! It reminds me of a popular military saying. ‘Boots on the ground’ is a military expression meaning to put boots on the ground to have soldiers invade an area in order to determine what and who is actually present in that area, since using remote methods does not always provide reliable results. Having boots on the ground in an area means to have soldiers there in order to control what is happening in that area, especially to prevent opposing forces from carrying out and launching operations from there. Likewise, you are the ‘military’ that needs to put your ‘boots’ or focus on your self to examine and detach from the ‘enemies’ within for a happy inner life and love.
Like a young tree planted in dry, hard soil where it’s growth is stymied forever, love is in every newborn, and must be nurtured with sensitivity, balance, empathy and compassion to enhance the strength for the years to come. A child is totally dependent on the love of it’s mothering from before birth, and especially in early childhood. Humans may be the most resilient life on the planet, but one requiring more intimate care, and longer than all other forms of life. For  you are a caretaker of all life, and the preparation is long. 
The past haunts our dreams asleep and awake, but letting go of all pains,  which surely get in the way of the moment like a rain storm during an outdoor wedding, is an option. Those with balanced, loving, childhood upbringing will grow stronger and more balanced than those who for one reason or another, and mostly beyond their control, missed a lot of what the loved, balanced child did. However, as much a more negative childhood seems irreversible in adulthood, the human being is very adaptable to the right input to heal and grow in the harmonious position to the lights of a more blessed existence. 
You are only ‘stuck in the roots’ of yesteryear if you submit to that. Memories fade, sometimes getting buried within, but they do not have to be attached to. Yesterday is not today which is always a new beginning and an opportunity to see and be in the moment, not yesterday or tomorrow, but like driving down a highway, be in the moment with awareness. Being in the moment is a divine movement in the direction of the inner joy and blessings that are planted within everyone. Being in the moment is a ‘freedom’ from the shackles of the past and future that always depend on you being in the here and now. Why live life as if you fell off a hay wagon?! Focus on the roots of lingering problems, and seek to detach from whatever pain or obstacles they may carry. Meditation turns the seeds of love in your heart into a loving blossomed heart.

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