Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love
March 27, 2015
How do Venture Capitalists of Wall St. have any likeness to love? Aren’t Venture Capitalists all about money and greed? What could that have to do with the opposite of love? Maybe taking a closer look at what a venture capitalist does will begin to draw parallels. They are investors who either provide capital to startup ventures, or support small companies that wish to expand, but do not have access to public funding. Venture capitalists are willing to invest in such companies because they can earn a massive return on their investments if these companies are a success.
Hmmmm? Isn’t a parent willing to invest their love and common sense in a new adventure called a child who without an invested amount of time and love will not grow to a return in life? Seed love is the beginning from ‘seedling’ or unborn to a full grown human all from an investment of whatever it takes to reach a point where the child or investment is able to choose their own path. The greater the love, the greater the possibility of someone unique to blossom into their own path. 
Having worked on Wall St. for a number of years with all forms of ways to promote growth of company stocks, it occurred to me recently, how important a ‘venturists’ of love, awareness, and the best education are to a better life style in America and the world. Also how you too are important to the role you play with raising  your imagination to be a possible President, or more importantly, giving encouragement to yourself and to someone who can in turn love themselves more, and give love back to a world needing all the love that’s possible. 
It’s time to take an audit of your inner workings of openness, awareness, love, compassion, discernment, and all inner values that enrich yourself and others. Upon taking stock of all these, where is there room for opening each of them more. Parent’s use to be able to comfort their children by saying, ‘everything’s going to be all right’, ‘it’s not the end of the world, and we’re doing the best we can’! It’s not good enough any more. A positive thought that needs to be real is, ‘ ‘you are what you do, NOT WHAT YOU SAY!’ Make your actions reflect your words. Be a doer! Start with making sure those seeds didn’t get growth filled with weeds clogging the real inner you. YOU is all you have! Make it overflowing with love, awareness, and discernment. Oh, and don’t forget a sense of humor! 

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