I Found God!

I Found God!*=D> applause
February 21, 2015
Every kid is told about the ‘man in the moon’! No one really thinks about it though! God is that man in the moon!? God is the moon always watching down on everyone on mother Earth. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t figured it out yet. I can assure you, there is a lot of confusion on how to define god! In fact, there is no agreed upon way, and besides, god can’t be defined! No longer do I need to ‘believe in God’! God damn! I’m lucky, most get stuck on ‘belief’ their whole lives…er, until they hear someone say they ‘know God’, then suddenly they do too! Strange these ‘believers’! 
Have you ever felt God? Even for a moment? Are you sure it was god? I remember a moonlit night on the beach in Malibu, Ca. with a new romance. God was certainly smiling down on that night! Was it love under the stars on the clear moonlit night, the gentle waves rolling in, or the harmony of universal vibration (HUV)?  Maybe it was the blessing of love energy created by the mysterious creation that is bigger than any three or four letter word that has infinite individual perspectives for its meaning? 
Part of waking up in the 21st century from millions of years of ‘sleep’, like ‘Rip Van Winkle’ in Washington Irving’s book  from the 1800’s where a man awoke after 20 years of sleep to find his friends and family had aged 20 years, is to be an integral part of the awakening like  never before on earth. In every culture on earth, change is rocketing past the ‘yesterdays’ faster than a flying comet. It could be said ‘capitalism’ is replacing all the old ways, but with it are infinite revelations and discoveries heretofore, at best, only in the imagination of humankind. 
What is love? What is the universe? What is God? What is ….? All are being examined deeper towards knowing everything from a new light of understanding than has happened throughout all time. Everything that was still is, but life in all aspects is new in the illumination. No more repression, ignorance, obliviousness etc., is necessary as all the possibilities are at hand to evolve to be in the moment here and now. Awareness and positivity happen of their own accord when in that state. No memories need by eliminated, positive or negative, but a detachment, and to be present and watching as if this is the first and last day in this realm will bringing blessings under all circumstances. Be the watcher, and in the heart whether if feels good or hurts, love come to those who have cleared the path in receptivity. 

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