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This was the Yesss Center 2 blocks off Venice Beach, California with about 5,000 Sq ft. (house is in two parts
with the back one 3 stories). In my live in-meditation center were over 25 people. Lived there 8 years. Actor Dennis Hopper
lived one house over on the right.
March 11, 2015
Can you open your ‘home living’ to share with more than who lives there? You own nothing! Your home, car, investments, those you love, your life on earth- nothing! Everything is a momentary experience for you and everyone on earth. What happens after life here may be dependent for its quality, and how well you do here from the heart. You have an option in this play, called ‘your life’, to choose how you want to be within life’s decisions. Coming from the highest place, the odds are, life will meet your choices or hand you opportunities to use your best options that are to a large degree controlled by how you’ve treated yourself and others.
In today’s world in the US, there is a growing disparity between those who have, and those who have not. There is a saying that we are only as good as those who have less are treated. Everyone deserves all the basic opportunities of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Within those opportunities many have a choice to welcome others into their life with mutual friendliness and sensitivity. In a few parts of the country, cities and states are beginning to exhibit empathy for the less fortunate.
Healthcare still needs compassion for the needs of all. Food in most communities, for those who can’t afford it, is covered by thousands of community sponsored food banks and at the moment, 50 million on food stamps. ‘Real’ unemployment is at 23%! Economic collapse is a high possibility! Energy sources need to become ‘green’ to drive our economy to make living  desirable for everyone at this amazing technological and information availability moment in history.
Housing is a vital need as a healthy situation for everyone, but millions are either not having it, or are on the verge of losing a roof over their head. Given that one to five percent of people are living in secured homes substantially above the masses of hundreds of millions, they ought to look at their entitlement, not calling it, ‘I worked for it’ (so did most of the less fortunate), and open their hearts and homes to those in need who are willing to give some acceptable reciprocity, and thankfulness for the warmth of your kindness. Earth is a ‘rental’ for all life regardless of some humans feeling entitled to their possessiveness. 
Put out your offer if you are in any position to help others. What you give from the heart with little or no expectation will silently come back to make your life richer while making someone else’s likewise. Heart love grows when you give. Life in the 21st century is about stepping out of your comfort zone in creative ways to make it a better world.

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