Change for Love

CHANGE for Love

February 27, 2015
Your choice: Up and down love, or a rocket to the heavens?! Love comes with life, like a plant poking through the ground unaware of it’s fate. Cared for in the best way, the plant grows into it’s best potential. Uncared, or poorly cared for, the plant grows only to the extent that it was lovenly nurtured, or not. Human beings are the only known form on the planet that can almost always alter what has slowed their love growth from before. Humans were given the ability, or ‘magic’ to evolve unlimitedly. 
Marriage or partnering for purported love reasons has infinite possibilities of how it both looks, and is experienced for both. My efforts are to suggest that it is a ‘spiritual journey’ to a form of enlightenment or higher consciousness of the mind and heart, or it could be called a meeting or merging of two souls into one what’s called ‘soul mating’ with the outcome of being, real ‘soul mates’. 
Accepting each other as they are is best left to strangers, relatives, or people that you have a less than deep involvement with. Trying to change someone without their permission is an invasion of privacy and certainly reason for  a ‘conflict of egos’. Working around people’s egos with ‘skillful means’ is certainly advisable if you want to keep the  connection as best as it could be.
Meditating is a means to achieve a state of bliss, no mind, open consciousness and a deep opening of the heart space. This ‘state of meditation’ is the ultimate nirvana within which, once gained or experienced deeply, travels everywhere with you giving light as much as situations allow. A flashlight in a crowded bar, for example is not going to be as effective because it’s not only not needed but it’s too crowded with the lighting on anyway. Such is it in a state of meditation. It may help in most situations, but where there is chaos, the effect is dimmed, but then again, in a state of a meditative life, you avoid what will compromise your meditative state, if possible. 
Two who choose to be together with deep love as the primary purpose, need each to be aware of all things blocking each’s experience of being in that state endlessly. Each must be open with compassion for the other as they climb the mountain of love. Each needs the other if this be their chosen way of meditation. Communication in receiving and giving to each other must be from the highest purpose as if the other were a representative of god or godliness. You are your beloved and they are you. Bliss within you meeting the bliss in the beloved is what I call ‘lovelightenment’. The new man and new woman coupling is a symphony of joy, bliss, and all the divineness that life and love can blossom  into.

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