Merging Souls

Merging Souls
February 17, 2015
People’s minds merge with what they spend time in thought with. You are what you think, or what don’t ‘think at all’. What you have become, you have nurtured, and allowed yourself to be what you are no matter what came before in terms of positive or negative experiences. We are all one soul that has split off into individuality for good, bad or whatever. Only the more conscious can grasp that concept, and yet each is obligated ethically and spiritually to make their lives one of seeking love and positivity in all matters. 
People merge with their environment to a large degree. In war, you become filled with anger, fear, hatred, oppression, futility, worry, and many negativities while fighting to survive, and yet keep optimistic. You become identified with the qualities of your occupation. Even if you live with a dog as a partner, both you and the dog can become somewhat merged in your communication and spirit. Where ever you are, a conscious you can rise above that negative which can permeate your being. 
For those few who use the love connection with someone for a meditation, both your ‘state’ and your partner’s is critical. Ideally, two people with ‘no blocks from the past, especially from your childhood years, who have the heart  connection, will have a soul melt with no barriers. That unusual connection can happen with any number of people, and not necessarily one that requires a bonding of romance. Usually, two people connect in love that is dampened by ‘quarrels within’ of unresolved past issues. Both people can not be  exactly alike in possession of their past non resolved barriers. They are both ‘possessed’ by the so called ‘demons’ of the past that have not been cut loose, and replaced by non attachment and self love. Typically, after a short time, each other’s ‘demons’ battle while love struggles to get through.
Love will win when both are ‘in the moment’ and in their hearts, but underneath the fight continues.  Open communication and total compassion for each other while moving deeper into love will work. Meditation ‘alone’ will help until it can happen together in a deep, reverent, devoted love.
Time is love, be sure and take enough time to nurture love. Love is elusive until it’s caught totally, then the harmony of the sun, moon, and stars of love will always be with you, and follow you wherever you go. Love is a straight shot to an evolving enlightened life. Be a straight shooter with love!

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