I Am Jesus

I Am Jesus (#10 of ?)
February 24, 2015
Thousand of folks alive today claim they have seen Jesus! Was the same when I was a kid too! Same Jesus? Chances are good then that people have been seeing him for centuries? White gown, long hair, blue eyes, good looking. Makes you wonder what is going on? Let’s explore this, and ask a few questions, even though that is frowned upon by christians, unlike the Jews who are encouraged to ask questions.
How would Jesus appear in the world to millions? First of all, he would not identify himself as ‘Jesus’! He might come back a second time as a Ralph or a Josephine. Who can say?! He might come back as many different people at the same time since there are so many people, and approaching 10 billion soon. At his time, there were only a few small thousands in his area. It’s too much to cover for one, even a Jesus. I  think that it’s been decided he will appear in many places by different looks, names, and ways to spreading the message.
These ‘new Jesus’s certainly need to be covert, or with the media coverage, they’d not last a week. Besides, most would not believe he was nothing but a ‘kook’. One would think he’d have a plan that would keep him out of the limelight, but allow him to reach many who are receptive,  and in their heart regardless of following any religion or not. He just might set the scene so hardly anyone would see him in plain sight. He might even have a messenger sent to pave the way! A perfect one would be someone who wrote about objective, credible books that he never existed. That alone would keep the ‘believers’ away, who he would deem better off ‘just believing’. The ‘non believers’ who are in their pure consciousness like he, would be safe for him to reveal himself with the new messages.
Likely, he would avoid the controlled media. He might even anonymously meet millions in public through messages on ‘sign boards’ where only a small few would unconsciously get his message through a form of ‘intuition’ and heart connection. He would reveal secrets that are beyond what’s in any holy book. and secrets that cannot be passed ironically in the spoken word, but in the light and vibration he and the receiver shared in those moments. 
Those who claim to have seen him as described, he wouldn’t connect with because of their preconceived, firmly believed notions. His message in words, are be aware, know who you are inside, follow love, have compassion, never avoid questioning and use discernment. 

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