Be Closed Minded

Be Closed Minded!

 February 15, 2015
It’s positive to have the most closed mind in the sense of being closed to all negatives! I love telling certain people who question my open mindedness, with the retort that I have the world’s most closed mind, and then wait for a response before adding, ‘to all negativity’ including belief system that breed people who don’t question for truth and knowing. Here are a few ideas to help sustain a closed mind that will impair all spiritual development, as well as short change your experience of love:
   •Insist on being the way you’ve been
   •Maintaining the comfortable status quo
   •Have roller coaster moods
   •Letting love become just a word, or it’s ‘overuse’
   •Have personal evolvement be a low or no priority
   •Abuse of alcohol and negative behavior that shows up
   •Smoking pot frequently or use of mind altering drugs, and just smoking
   •Watching more than 5 hours of sports per week
   •Not being the watcher of any negative actions you have 
   •Not budgeting money as soon as you get it, and spending it way before the next money fix
   •Not owning faults and habits, and correcting them
   •Ignoring what’s going on in the world
   •Stuck in being depressed about your depression 
   •Fear of intimacy
   •Carrying around unresolved baggage from childhood
   •Poor self image
   •No critical thinking
   •Anger problems (especially those sparked by what common sense would have stopped)
   •Not ‘giving or receiving’ from the heart
   •Rejecting connecting with loved ones past or present
   •7 Deadly sins plus the hidden one of ‘acedia’
   •Living in the past and not in the moment
   •Not knowing or remembering that we are all one and perfect in spirit
   •Infrequent laughter and sense of humor
   •Failure to assume the best but with common sense
   •Lack of enough sensitivity with all encountered
   •Ignoring things that are good for a healthy you
   •Being a poor listener/communicator
   •Avoiding knowing the inner ‘you’, instead living behind your mask
   •Not living in the heart and with awareness and discernment of all actions
It’s a luxury to love, to breathe, to dream and to be happy, so spend your life as if you were a millionaire.
May your smile be like a child’s when they know they are loved. And let the peace that surrounds the maternal heart of godliness in you be the one you keep saturated in peace and love. Being alive is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can keep both your spirit, your soul and eternal youth. The hours of folly are not measured by the clock, but of wisdom: no clock can measure.

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