February 7, 2015
If there were a ‘satan’ or satanic force, it would be about deception for the better acquisition of it’s disingenuous agenda of manipulation, domination, and control of your life! Since the word begins with ‘men’, who are the primary culprits of this behavior in the world, it must apply to the havoc they have caused infinitum. Maybe pertaining to women the word would be ‘womendacious’.
We are all, as controversial ex president Bush used the term, deciderators on how we each choose to lead our lives. Hijacking the truth is unconscious jibber jabber that needs vacuuming of the riff raff that clouds consciousness. WE are in a new paradigm of existing, that for all it’s ‘wonders’ is both a time of exposing the falsities of years gone by, but ironically, additionally, a strange confusing time because of those who still buy into these ‘falsities’, and are defending them as if they were embedded in their programming. 
The ‘disingenuousness’ shows up in what amounts to ‘placebos’ or false, snake oil like cures for not only what ills people but that ‘ill’ invented needing endless medications, and often to make money. Our  mainstream media is seemingly cloaked from truth except what doesn’t challenge their supporters or corporations that fund them. Overstating what amounts to spins on the truth to keep within the network of acceptability, is all about keeping ratings high, and the money rolling in. You will believe black is white if the lies are told enough. Gullibility is the innocence  from correct knowledge.
Whether in the casinos of Las Vegas, the casino of Wall St., the thrills in Disneyland, or the charm of a suitor for your affections, it’s best to enjoy but with the ‘tool box’ of awareness and discernment open for use to determine joy, consequences, culpability, or who knows. 
As I write this, coincidentally, Brian Williams, the major Anchor of NBC World news, has just taken himself off the air due to the reaction to his lying about a helicopter he was on 12 years ago in an Iraq incident, claiming it was hit by enemy fire when it wasn’t.
Lies come in all styles from innocent misinformation to outright deceitful, omission of facts and truth, serving a duplicitous agenda, or pretending, beliefs/faith, to infinite spins on the truths. Truth seeking requires questioning, and objective, credible discernment of the facts.   
Lies run, and often catch up with the bullshitter. That’s not to say little white lies with humor, or for the benefit of others isn’t often acceptable. If your house is on fire and the kids aren’t moving fast enough for example, it’s perfectly ok to tell them a little white lie that there are new toys waiting for them outside.
Life is about seeking the truth of all things of concern, or should be of concern. It starts with the baby who is always searching for what everything means at their level. As adults, it is a ‘spiritual fulfillment’ to seek answers to how the world works to ‘who I am’! It’s not wise to perjure life and love.


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