Right is Wrong

Right is Wrong*:-/ confused
January 26, 2015
Bad is good! There are many ways to interpret words depending on the speaker and the listener. Insistence on being right is often a sign to question the speaker. Why insist unless it’s important to the safety of the listener? Awareness, discernment, and questioning all sides is often a good safety valve from being led by ‘right’ to the ‘wrong’ answer. The world, including much of the ‘so called educated’ is fast asleep, and resistant to waking up beyond saying they are awake. What to do?!
Those who love themselves deeply, are automatically conditioned or set to move in positive directions for themselves and those closest to them. Right and wrong is a mental decision for those that struggle with themselves and hence anyone else. Life is mostly smooth for those who even are faced with rocky challenges if there are few or no blocks in the consciousness. Insistence on a position creates anxiety and  discord when instead, using ‘skillful means’ to navigate to the desired place or position is to go with the flow, not paddling upstream because you know you’re right. 
Then there are those who base their whole lives on belief in ancient language and ‘rock star’ holy men of centuries past. Why buy an old car that has good features  but serious flaws or buy the writings of ancient men who may have said something entirely different today. Beliefs spawn rigid, unbending mind sets that never look at all points of view while they cling to scripture like it’s their life line. You can use many sources including experience to develop the qualities of life that create a balanced you who doesn’t need to live in the world of, ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’!
Sometimes it’s good to say, ‘so what’ to yourself and keep an eye on smoother ways to either be right or just be ok with where you’re going. Never expect, never assume, never ask and never demand. Just let it be.
Because if it is meant to be, it will happen, the way you want things to be. Life is serious and yet paradoxically, it’s not wise to get too attached to that when a smile and inner laughter will take you over the waves of challenges. Don’t try to correct that which is presenting insurmountable barriers. Sometimes it’s best to step back, be open to other options, and follow that which fills you with positive satisfaction. Enjoy life with a smile and laughter! It’s medicine!

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