Inner Lunatic

Inner Lunatic
December 18, 2014
Stepping out of the box or matrix that is conditioned between your right and left ears is the path to consciousness and living life authentically. Humans are too rigid and programable from sources that are adept at selling what furthers their agenda. Knowing  when to hold or fold, and walk into life’s freedoms of the heart may look a little ‘looney’ to the ‘stiff shirts’ but it’s where the real ‘juice’ in life is. Never be afraid to be a little weird!
Seriousness can become a habit that virtually eliminates relaxing, finding joy and humor in life. Seriousness needs an extreme psychological makeover. Doing a ‘laughter meditation’ for 1/2 hour to an hour a day for a month will be a sign of lunacy, but done with the conscious intent to add an alternative dimension to a seriousness is the right kind of lunacy. Wake up and laugh for five minutes if time is a factor. If there are others who can hear surely they will think you to be looney. Why should you care – laugh more! The inner lunatic won’t care.
Consciously decide to step outside the box of being who you think you are, and supported by societies restrictions as well as others in your life. Persistence in being ‘bonkers’ at well chosen times may actually make you a teacher for others who need to lighten up as well.
Life is about ‘letting go’ of clinging to bad memories and reaching for ones that redirect life in a useful way. Letting go doesn’t mean you won’t remember but the repression or unconscious attachment won’t skew your behavior of joys and blessings to the dark side of options. Be playful for life is but a dream, and only you really are the judge and jury of you, and what you can release your psychological burdens to become. 
The world is not a heaven, but filled with a zoned out, preoccupied, often deranged, mental illusionary people not in realization that this is the best time in existence to make their personal life one of evolvement to a superconsciousness that has the possibility of reverberating to others. Hopefully it will lead others to spark consciousness to more, and just maybe, to the whole world in most of our life times. Sounds unrealistic but it wasn’t too many years ago that believing there would be over a million people floating up in the air at the same time was more than absurd, and with crappy meals served to boot! 
Those who can consciously be crazy or looney are on the path to enlightenment. Laughter is one of our best natural medicines to prevent stresses, and relax situations. Its your right to have a little ‘inner lunatic’ time! 


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