Talk on Religion & Politics

Talk on Religion & Politics
November 10, 2014
Why avoid these two fascinating topics?
There are certain ‘no-no’s’ that are passed down from generation to generation. One of the verbal ones is, ‘don’t talk about religion or politics’! That is a form of mind control or cultural censorship! Now on one hand, it makes sense because few know how to ‘dialog’ and not just argue for or against, particularly religion. These are two of the major subjects affecting our lives, which by the way, are more and more at the behest of these two dinosaurs! Nothing could be more absurd than to not free talk about the 2 subjects that control most of our lives. And, it’s all because of fear!
Fear of not knowing what to say. Fear of offending the other person. Fear that you don’t know enough on either subject to carry on a conversation. And fear of how to handle the others response if it tends to be contrary to your thoughts. 
In this day of rapid changing information, technology, reexamination of values, uncovering of falsities, etc., we need to ask ourselves, ‘am I informed on matters affecting my life’? Of course, number one is to be informed on who you really are, and why, if so, you haven’t used the available resources, starting with yourself, and making a decision to find out? Get informed!
It is no longer being a responsible human being to not see that the world is fast becoming controlled by a very few who are taking advantage of nearly everyone while serving themselves, but ignoring others welfare in the world. The world is fast becoming a possibility of an earth community except for the incredible attachment to divisiveness, ignorance, fear, violence, old habits etc. Struggling to make a living, focused on diversions, apathy, etc., anything to avoid taking time to know yourself, and give back to the world is to create negative karma and a you plus the world to be more and more out of touch. 
Break through fears by challenging yourself to take time to examine yourself, and with an open inquiring mind on religion and politics. Part of the secret to comfortably engaging in conversation with another is to be light in the beginning while using ‘skillful means’ at appropriate times to talk on either subject with no judgment. Develop a lightness of being by increasing a sense of humor which will release you from any argument and facilitate a dialog of friendliness with others. Have compassion for the others position, and cautiously support their position while carefully opening up to where you are.
Another secret is to avoid attaching yourself to a ‘social’ label that defines you. Learning the skills of talking on these two important subjects after getting as informed as possible will enhance learning more about them, and at the same time show compassion for others in what could be like ‘talking through a minefield’ without developing the ways of dialoging on both religion and politics. Communication is an inherent need of a healthy you and world.
Just as an added device: ‘Think outside the box’ and stay out of those who parrot the political/religion ‘lines’ and their box!

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