Let Go of Positivity!

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  1. Namaste Arhata Osho!
    I was born in a Hindu family, Gujurati is what my mother tongue is, my name was given to me by my mother after a priest would have checked with the exact day, time, planetary influence, he would have given a few choices of initials, from which my mother would have chosen my correct first name, yes it is an exact fit in every respect, I don’t own it, but it’s meaning is quite clear, whenever I see the Sun Rays, especially through the clouds, I feel the subtle energy and have goose bumps, I feel immensely one with nature, I am neither Positive nor Negative, but I have been out of work for the past 1/2 year, my profession is obsolete and or I don’t see jobs in that sector. I have dabbled into the Internet/ Mobile marketing, but this was almost 5 months ago, I had put out a great deal of energy, first to look for a steady income, but everything that opened their doors to me became temporary, I never lasted into a job as my would have changed unknown to me and I am suddenly wearing a different hat, almost like a leader without a title and or being a mad hatter. Last March, soon after my birthday the end of the previous month, I was involved in a mva, for the first time ever in under 43 years of driving both in England as well as in Canada, I have been a defensive driver and observe every sense of the road mannerisms well, I am also quite sensitive as well before I would have approached an empty road, my inner being would have already read the Police in the vicinity, though I seldom speed.
    The mva wasn’t my fault, however I had little or no control, as the traffic lights were just changing from Green to Orange, by which time I was just past the lights and into the major intersection 3/4 way into traveling South, beforehand I had noticed a Black Jeep Cheeroki 4 x 4 awaiting to make a sharp U turn and it was facing North, but his steering was full locked to the left, as I had noticed this beforehand, also this would be against the law, had a cop seen it, nonetheless, he didn’t waste any time, as soon as he saw the lights changing its colour, he was moving swiftly , my only thought and my body had felt it, that he has decided to cancel making a U turn as there was a Police cruiser, plus he was chatting endlessly on his mobile, he crossed my vehicle and hit my front left fender, into the engine compartment, my company late model Murano was now facing Southwest, his Cheeroki facing Southwest only his vehicle was only an inch or two away from my drivers door, he came out and rightaway walked towards the Centre island of the traffic lights, I was unable to move as my left shoulder and my head had hit the left side of the drivers window, both my arms, wrists neck, felt like oh my god, I am unable to move, there was a Police, the Ambulance, the Fire Truck, more than several tow trucks, each one had paid me a visit and left, even the person who had hit my company vehicle, didn’t bother to come over and ask if I was okay.
    Too much too this, long and short the driver of the Black 4 x 4 Cheeroki was charged for impaired driving, careless driving, being on the mobile phone, he had lost all sense of being in the presence.
    Maybe this was lesson for me, I am still hurting, the shoulder one set of muscle ligament torn, it will heal though not by prayers, but time, this latter is a great healer as the mind have a tendency to subside that which isn’t current and or the incident gets played in my head as it took place and so the story writing becomes a natural skill.
    I am still out of work, the doctor and the WSIB know that I am on modified duties.
    But hey, no one wants to hire a one arm bandit, even though it is modified duties:)
    But I will survive…remembering Gloria Gainers song.
    Recently, a friend I had met during my work, he had been going to his new church, he is been telling me that being baptized again as a Born again Christian, is helping him a great deal, he mentions proverbs from the Bible, he says that this year he is getting a brand new house all paid up, free and clear, he adds its through Jesus Christian.

    I don’t follow any religions, only within me there is the same as everyone, I am just more aware of my inner being, I feel different energies, I have been to many places and have felt when somethings have been wrong either in the places and or some bad energy residing etc.
    I could well be a dowser, often my body tells me stuff, if I had no difficulty seeing blood, then I would have been a Forensic Science.

    What can I tell you, except that I need to free myself from the bondage of ownership of Citroën automobiles as I have a collection, I need to free up let go and let God.



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