Strangers in the Dark

Strangers in the Dark
November 13, 2014
Everyone you meet for the first time for the rest of your life is a stranger out of the dark! Your mother once met a stranger who became her lover. You came out of the dark, often as an unwanted stranger, and you to them! All your friends were once strangers. Your new best friend will be a ‘stranger coming out of the dark’ from parts unknown. A stranger today could be a godsend tomorrow in anyway imaginable. Treat everyone as if they were you, only with different inputs into their journey and personality. Each one you meet is a possible teacher of the practical, and your spiritual journey.
Wisdom comes from interaction, and mostly interaction with others where you are able, if you are aware, to see your reaction/response, and theirs to you resulting from all interactions. No one is an island unto themselves. Enlightenment in a forest alone with only you will burst the illusion of spiritual attainment when encountering people of the world. The mind and ego is very clever and (false) self serving. Anyone who walks in a state of deep love will merge in spirit with another who also does as a form of validation. 
Sticking with the ‘familiar’ atrophies the unknown. Life isn’t alive living like the still, stagnate pond, while the rivers of life are always changing, clearing, and moving to new findings and dimensions. Imagination of the positive, rather than of contrived fears fueled by unresolved dilemmas of yesteryears, is like a moving river. Millions of years have passed in the suitcase of time for you to be alive in this very moment today. Time to ‘stop’ and check out of yesteryears ‘mothballs’ and cobwebs. Reward yourself with this moment, and all the possibilities that are there waiting for your choice. 
Look at yourself as the body, mind, and the spirit. Love finds a place in each of them, but the spirit feeds body and mind. The spirit is a stranger in the dark. You’ve been given a body with a heart and mind to bring ‘spirit’ into the light so it can reciprocate. The spirit stays in the dark without the heart and mind beginning to fill them with love so they can give back. 
Pay attention to ‘strangers in the dark’. Use practical fear where caution is needed, but step out and be open. Why miss the stranger who is a vessel of love. Learn discernment, and avoid atrophy of the courage of the heart always resisting being open to the ‘ heartfelt stranger’ who can’t be a stranger but for a moment. And, don’t be a stranger in the dark of knowing who you really are inside! What’s to fear when love is the stranger?!


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