Attitude with Gratitude

Attitude with Gratitude
November 8, 2014
A blessing of trust and a feeling of love comes from within, activated in part by a hormone identified as, ‘oxytocin’. Often called the, ‘love drug’ the naturally occurring hormone, oxytocin and love are intimately related, according to researchers in this area.  The hormone plays a role in bonding, maternal instincts, enduring friendships, marriage (hopefully!), and orgasms. Also, it seems to play a role in self acceptance.
When a good feeling is emoted between people, trust evolves. Your body’s faculties seem to have an intuitiveness that this hormone plays a part in that enhancing attraction.  However, your ‘vibration’ of collective self love vs possible elements of self loathing likely plays a factor in the sustaining of the effects created by the hormone oxytocin. A child given a smooth, consistent love is likely to experience personal connections far more meaningful than one who grew up feeling mixed, or with insufficient love that created recurring fears.
Nature willing, you have an opportunity to clear the programmed obstructions that likely filled some of your experience as a child growing to adulthood. A rare childhood of love, and a balance of life’s internal assets is a step ahead of most, but resting on these ‘entitlements or laurels’ of a blessed youth is a recipe for sliding back to the murky enchantments of the easy life of apathy of the ego causing continuing problems. There are NO free rides in life. Always, it’s your choice to make the absolute best of what came before to create the outer ‘you’. Life is best scraping away or letting go over everything not embellishing the vicissitudes of love’s energy.
Love activates the hormones of gratitude unconsciously. If you’re not filled with love daily, but struggling with ‘attitude’, and life kicking dust in your game, activation of your natures hormones will be short lived and with ensuing disappointment. 
When it comes to love and sex, no one in their right mind (or who’ve ‘left’ the mind out of rational discernment) will likely find letting ‘oxytocin’ make decisions for them that are ultimately, bad decisions. An example would be letting the hearts ‘hormones’ attach to abusive relationships as many do. Let healthy, balanced discernment rule over the heart and when it does, enjoy! The female is particularly vulnerable to separating oxytocin effects from good judgment.
A simple way to keep oxytocin flowing is to give someone a hug. Dr. Paul Zak explains that ‘‘not only
does hugging reduce cardiovascular stress and improve the immune system, it raises oxytocin’’. He further recommends 8 hugs each day, but I think that he’s out of touch there with reality for the masses on that one! For this reason, it has been called the ‘cuddle hormone’. A tip for strengthening your work and personal relationships, in addition, is when given a gift, the receivers oxytocin levels rise … and yours may just too! Make coming from your heart with awareness and discernment no less than your main life priority!


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