Breaking the Love Barrier

Breaking the Love Barrier
October 15, 2014
The enlightened are ‘alone’. Ironically, the more unenlightened are even more alone, ‘lonely alone’. To be alone with inner peace and blessings is to be a ‘Buddha’. The universe gives reciprocally to the one who gives and receives from the heart. Having the love of yourself is the power that lights the way, and all who can receive. Time to turn the darkness within into the light of love. The ‘road to hell’ in life is wide and directionless. Feeding loneliness with denial of needing to ‘let go’ of all your past issues is to stay on that road while accumulating anything to avoid seeing your loneliness.
In my life, I meet people all the time. Buddha’s are always smiling or laughing. Likely, it’s because they see what’s been going on with people through the ages. From top to bottom, most people are without direction even if at best they are on the material level which takes great energy to hold on to. The Buddha has seen the futility of people consumed by the task of survival or ensconced in greed and fear of other’s greed taking what they have given their whole life to attain. Living in bliss is to enjoy and see positive in everything that comes down the river of life.
I have nothing to do but enjoy the moment and the passion to live each moment in a state of meditation. Any rock in the road is someone else’s meddling in their own unconsciousness. Living alone with an inner joy is to enjoy the gifts of life immensely. Living with someone and sharing love from the highest consciousness together is equally as ‘high’ if not even more fulfilling. Each is alone, but with a sense of freedom, perfectly in tune with all that love has to offer. 
Love is a word that everyone uses to mean infinite levels and types. Water only boils at a certain temperature. The sound barrier is only met at a certain speed. Water that’s ‘hot’ doesn’t necessarily boil. A plane flies at many speeds, but it must be equipped to move fast enough to crack the sound barrier and reach its destination quicker. (Then it happened. The shaking suddenly stopped. “I was so high and so remote, and the airplane was so very quiet that I might have been
motionless,” Chuck Yeager’s experience as the first human to break the sound barrier.)
Likewise love floats randomly with ups and downs, often disappearing into other emotional qualities where you can’t beg, borrow, or smell it down wind. A total blowout of all fears, insecurities, angers, depressions, etc is where a love can reach the point of no return, and a depth beyond normal human experience into a whir of lightness of being. It’s a motionless bliss inside!


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