Transgenerational People

Transgenderational People
 September 18, 2014
A new classification of people is ‘transgender’. You may be a ‘transgender’ and not even realize it, in fact we need a more transgender world! There are a few definitions of a ‘transgender’. Perhaps the more well known alludes to the seemingly beautiful female who, beneath that dress holds a surprise! Like a growing small percentage of people, the world is in transition as for it’s meaning. We all come from a male and female. Half and half, yet most people’s identity follows their ‘genital inheritance’, and accompanying physical, emotional and character attributes, male or female. 
All of history is one of male domination throughout the world. Maleness and femaleness is skewed in both, to minimize or eliminate the attributes of the other. There has been little individual or collective balance, hence a society and relationships in a more negative light. With the dawn of a new age where people are slowly being regarded as equal in most opportunities, men and women are switching roles gradually, and taking on both roles. For all of time, man and woman have been in a ‘trance’ to fit in roles generation after generation resulting in a separation in all aspects of their being. 
Unification of the human spirit whether it be spiritually, emotionally, mentally or otherwise is more of an opportunity during these transitional times from the horse and buggy, agricultural age into the age of technological, communication, and spiritual advancements. Opportunities for improvement of everything are increasing at lightening speed during ones life that are infinitely more than in all of history combined. The dinosaur age of all negligible advancements is over, and yet most are still stuck in the quicksands of times lockstep. 
Time to break the trance based on yesterdays beliefs and values at odds with reality. All of us are part of the generational shift from pre modern times. We now live many years longer within a world with limitless advances to aid in our experiences in all ways.
Each is in the doorway of a deeper grounding in love rather than the love of money. You can realign your energy and transcend the past personal and cultural limitations here and now. The ‘time of now’ is the treasure of gold that waits for an awakening within to the limitless energies of authentic love. No longer is repression of the dilemmas of the inner self necessary.
Time to ‘toss out’ and let go of yesterdays barriers to a more perfect being, which by the way, was always there. Now we have the space and time with techniques to see who you really are. Nirvana is within you! Don’t miss the journey inward! Open yourself to the male and female within you, and be part of the flow of the current generation that more and more on earth have available. Be in the flow of the ‘transgenderational’!


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